Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fiance for Hire by SK Weathers Promo Post

Title - Fiancé for Hire
Author - SK Weathers
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Nov. 19, 2013

Leaving her lying, cheating fiancé was easy. Immediately finding a new living situation, not so much. When Sara Bradley’s best friend, Lisa, offers her a not so perfect solution. She could move in with Lisa’s brother, Nick. Sara doesn’t think that’s the best idea, but if it’s only just temporary, she’s willing to try. When Sara’s mother comes to town to pay her a surprise visit, excited to meet Sara’s boyfriend, the one she just dumped, she knows she’ll never live down her awful track record with men. Nick Moreno likes living alone, but when his baby sister calls him and asks him to help out a friend of hers, he can’t say no. His brother, Jake, is immediately smitten by his new roommate. When Nick and Jake tag along to help Sara deal with her mother’s unexpected visit, Jake creates havoc, as only he can do. Jake convinces Nick and Sara to pretend to be engaged just to get through the visit. How hard could it be? They’re already living together. Nick grudgingly agrees. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Pursued by one brother, and completely confused by the other, what’s a girl with a pretend fiancé and real feelings to do? Book One in the Moreno Trilogy

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S.K. Weathers was born in Colorado, but grew up 
an Army Brat.  Having lived in Texas, California, and Utah, her family moved back to Colorado when she was in 6th grade.  Growing up, she was painfully shy and had a hard time with moving constantly and making friends.  She read quite a bit when she was younger and her love of reading only increased over time.  In grade school she would write for fun, and then in high school she wrote several uncompleted works.  Writing was a creative outlet for her during stressful times in her life.  Then one day she stumbled upon a fanfiction site where everyday people would write stories about their favorite literary, television and movie characters. She published several short stories and the feedback she received was positive enough she went back to works she had never finished and revisited them.  After urging from a couple of friends she decided to take the plunge and self-publish.  Fiancé for Hire is her first published work.   She has a day job, but hopes that one day she will be able to write full time.     

“Thank you so much.”  She was beginning to feel like a broken record. She saw him glance around the parking lot and followed his gaze to the coffee shop in the corner. 
“Why don’t you thank me by having coffee with me?  We could go over to the shop next door.  Sounds like you’ve been having a pretty cruddy day.  Maybe I can cheer you up?”  And then he gave her that killer smile.  Okay, so… not gay?
Must do it for other girls, but Sara wasn’t swayed.  He probably went from grocery store to grocery store, looking for helpless females to help out, guilting them into going for coffee with him. Yep, that was it.  He was a serial charmer.  

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