Thursday, January 9, 2014

Burning Up Blog Tour, Interview with Jared, Review by Shan

Scorching heat...

Erotic pleasure...

Intense passion...

Layla Jennings thought she had it all figured out. The right time, the right place and the right guy.
After leaving behind her life and friends in Long Beach, Layla must now walk the path she has chosen, hand in hand with the man who holds her heart.

As the flame of love continues to burn brightly, she discovers more about herself and the man she loves every day. But what happens if the fire goes out? What happens when half of your heart is across an ocean?

With the other man in her life unwilling to give up his fight for her, and a danger she is too blind to see, Layla must battle between the safe and steady journey she has embarked on and the one that leads to destinations unknown

Hey Jared, please sit with us. We want to thank you for taking a minute out of your busy busy schedule to sit with us. We know how you are always so tied up. *Dee snickers* Let's go ahead and get started, shall we?
San:*rolls eyes at Dee* geez just be like "lets go to the back and get busy" 
Jared: *Clears throat loudly* Uh…ladies?
Shan: OMG Dee really??
Dee: *feigning innocence*what? What did I do? Anyway….here we go.

If you could change one thing about your relationship with Layla what would it be?
Jared: I'm not sure I'd change anything. I'd possibly adapt a little better to situations. 

Any regrets?
Jared: Of course, but as with all regrets, they belong in my past. I try not to carry them with me. 

Anything you would change about yourself?
Jared: I'm told that I'm controlling. Personally, I think I'm protective and cautious. Maybe I'd tone that down a little. 
Dee: personally, I find you're not controlling. Maybe possessive. But controlling. And possessiveness can be sexy. *mmm mmmm*
Jared: I agree.
San: *Looks at Dee* are you serious? What the hell is so sexy about being told what to do? in the bedroom maybe outside of that sorry bud.
Shan: I disagree with the both of you. I love to have all the control. 

Why do you insist on keeping secrets?
Jared: Everyone has secrets and mine are just that, secret. But nice try, ladies.  (Smiles and raises an eyebrow) 
Dee: don't eyebrow us buddy. It doesn't work. Come on, give us one secret. *whispering* come on, just one.. something no one knows.
Jared: Not going to happen. But I love your determination.
San: I like the eyebrow thing, too bad I already have my eye on someone else although...
Shan: The eyebrow thing is sexy but I have something about the lips on others.

 What made you fall in love with Layla?
Jared: She's fiery, witty, sarcastic and she can hold her own. I was dumbstruck and love struck by her instantly. I've never been spoken to like that by anyone! 
San: Oh then its a good thing you didnt meet me first I have a feeling you'd be stalking the fuck out of me by now *laughs* What Dee?
Dee: *growling* watch it woman

How is travelling?
Jared: It's fantastic. It's nice to be taking a break and seeing the world differently. I'm usually viewing it from behind a desk. 
San: BTW I do have to give you props, Desks are fucking hot. Especially when you use it for sexual purposes!
Jared: Everything is a potential location for sex…you just have to be daring.
Dee: smacking Sandie Hard

What has been your favorite place to visit so far?
Jared: I would have to say Africa. Some very interesting and exquisite creatures there...(smiles to himself and bites bottom lip) 
Dee: well...well...I think Jared has been tasting the local...cuisine.
Jared: That would be telling…

Would you ever consider getting a tongue ring or an apa? 
Jared: Absolutely not!
San:*ouch* looks to Dee-WTF chuck this is for educational purposes.
Dee: *growling* we are going to have some serious words.

How does it feel to be known as a book boyfriend and be in bed with so many women at night?
Jared: Like a typical week back when I was a stranger to monogamy. As for the book boyfriend thing, I still don’t fully understand what it is women see in me. I’m rude, abrupt, overbearing and I get insanely possessive. But I guess if you like that sort of thing…

San: So you grew on me in Burning Up, I (San) even felt bad for you… but anywho where did you learn all the Dom stuff?
Dee: technically, I think he’s just into the bondage..
Jared: I wouldn’t call it a Dom thing. My preferences in the bedroom are just a side effect of being in a position of power in business. I like what I like. I want what I want and when I want it. The bondage is purely for the tease, game and pleasure.

San: Well I do have to say that I like belts, whips, spreader bars, blindfold, stripper poles and so yeah Dee does too you think you would be able to show her a few things? *laughs*
Dee: Seriously.. I think I might show him a thing or two.
Jared: I’ve never considered myself a teacher, more of an enabler. There’s a kinky animal in all of us.
Dee: oh god, yes there is.

What can I say about Burning Up. I am pissed that is one thing. OMG!!!!!! Seriously. What can I say without giving it away. Damn this is hard. Okay. Layla was a big big big disappointment to me. She doesn’t deserve either in my opinion. Really how can she go from one to another? How? I just don’t get it. Poor Ollie. I love him so much. My heart broke for him once again. The way he was treated I was so mad. I was so ready to beat the hell out of Layla. I was proud of Ollie though. He stood his ground. He didn’t take her shit.
Jared on the other hand pissed me off quite a bit too. He really became something I didn’t see coming. Yes we all know he is a pompous, arrogant, overbearing asshole but he was even more of an asshole than usual. Even for him. Although I saw him acting and fighting differently. I can say we get to see his pussy side a little bit too.
In the end I was so pulling for Layla having neither one of them but she ends up with one. I hope he breaks her heart. I know I am being a bitch but damn how can you hurt so many people? 
I give it four hearts!!!!!!!!!

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