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Awaken by Nina Lane Blog Tour

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Title: Awaken (Spiral of Bliss #3) 
  Author: Nina Lane 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+ 
  Publication Date: January 7, 2014 
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“I love that you love me, professor.” “I love loving you, beauty.”

Since their intense, passionate beginning, Professor Dean West and his wife Olivia have fought dark secrets and betrayal in order to save their marriage. Now reeling in the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Liv and Dean are driven further apart by a vindictive threat to Dean’s career. Struggling to stand on her own for the first time in years, Liv is determined to defend her husband and prove herself. Then an unexpected letter dredges up old insecurities and endangers Liv’s newfound independence. As Dean fights for his professional life, he is forced to confront his worst fear when he discovers that he can’t protect his beloved wife from her own painful past.


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Spiral of Bliss Trilogy


USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances and spicy erotica. Originally from California, she loves traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once. Nina also spent many years in graduate school studying art history and library sciences. Although she would go back for another degree if she could because she's that much of a bookworm, she now lives the happy life of a full-time writer. Nina's novel The Erotic Dark hit #1 on Amazon's Erotica Bestseller list, and Allure is a USA Today Bestseller.

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Now on to ... AWAKEN. Get ready for this. Because you won't believe when I say this. I think Professor Dean West just knocked Professor Emerson out of the Hot Teacher spot! I know! I know! But believe me. Professor Hottie aka Professor West is aaaahhhmaaaaazzzzzziiiinnnngggggg.  He is so intelligent, but not rub your face in it cocky about it. He is protective, strong, sexy as sin, fierce, loyal, resilient. Just so many things and so damn sexy. 

To me, Dean just got sexier and sexier as the books progressed. I mean seriously, I didn't think it was possible. Now, let's discuss Liv. I love her in this book. Truly, I love her in the series, but I loved her in this book. She found a backbone. She grew up. She did things for herself and I love it. I also love how much Dean supported her. Liv turned into this strong, independent, fierce woman and Dean loves her through it all.  But man.. I don't know how Liv and Crystal didn't get into it earlier. There were plenty times where I wished she would have gotten smacked. Not only for what she put Liv through as a child, but now as an adult as well.  Seriously.. like this..
Then you have Maggie and Edward Hamilton. Maybe I shouldn't discuss them, they make me mad. Like seriously mad. 
But you know what I love, well.. besides Professor Sexy? The way the students and town banded around Dean when the crap hit the fan. I mean it was amazing and truly deserved. It was a truly beautiful scene. You don't end up just loving Dean and Liv, you love all the characters in this book. Hell, the series...okay, maybe not Helen or his family.. but everyone else. Even the little friendships end up being super important and awesome! But seriously.. IT MELTS ME WHEN HE CALLS HER BEAUTY!

Okay, you know we have to discuss the drama, because let's be honest.. there's is a TON! You have the Maggie drama. The Crystal drama. The school drama. The opening drama. The just all around marriage drama. I know, sounds like a lot, right? Honestly, it's not. Nina has this way of writing all this in that has you totally and completely sucked in and not overwhelmed. She navigates this all effortlessly. It flows seamlessly.  I know I have said it before, I will say it again. I love her writing style. She is truly amazing. I give this book 5 hearts!


  1. Dee! Thank you so much for the wonderful review of Awaken and for participating in the blog tour! I'm thrilled that you loved the end of Liv and Dean's story -- there was so much I had to cover in this book, so to hear that you thought it all came together seamlessly is huge for me, especially as there were plenty of times during the writing process when I wasn't sure I could pull it off!

    Thank you so much for loving Liv, Dean, and their journey and for appreciating everything they go through both individually and as a couple. Thanks also for mentioning the board hearing scene - I saw that as a scene from a movie when I was writing it. :-)

    And WOW, Professor West beats out Professor Emerson?? I might have to advertise that big time, as I know how hot Prof. Emerson is! Thanks so much for all your love and support -- I appreciate it more than I can say.


  2. Half way through AWAKEN and finding it hard to put the book down. Thanks for another GREAT read!!

  3. I agree with your review. I do love Professor Emerson, but Professor Dean West is absolutely delicious.