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Blog Tour for Permanent Lines by Ashley Wilcox

Merrick Drake.

Bartender, dirt bike racer, and far from settling down…until that one race, and that one girl that changed everything.

Amelia Driscoll.

Amelia took Merrick by surprise, bringing out emotions that he never knew existed. 

Amelia stole his heart…

Only to break it.

When fate puts Merrick and Amelia back together, it doesn’t come without a price- it comes with vengeance, determination, and putting his life on the line for the one he 

But, how much is Merrick willing to put on the line to have a future with no reason to hide? In the end, fate will decide...

Who's permanent.

Living in Upstate, New York, Ashley Wilcox is happily married to her husband of over six years, and a mommy to two little boys, and one little girl who is expected to be here in March 2013. Through her addiction of reading, Ashley has discovered her passion for writing. She loves reading and writing anything romance. Some books that Ashley is most commonly known for are The Forever Series, Summer Rush, and her latest, Permanent Lines. 

To find out more about Ashley and what she is currently working on, please visit her 
website at

Have you ever wondered what guys think about a girl they like a lot? Yeah me too. I was pleasantly surprised that this book is all in a male perspective. While I liked that, I just sort of felt that Merrick was lacking. Lacking what? I couldn't put my finger on it. Kind of like tasting sweet frosting but something is off and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Merrick is a motocross star who gears up for a race only to find a rich girl named Amelia is also racing, he quickly finds that this girl can most certainly hold her own. I enjoyed that! So I was like ooooh yeah this is gonna be good. They have a week-end trist and then boom she's gone. 

Okay, well that is interesting, I mean its usually the dude that just up and leaves. I think well maybe she just felt things she hadn't before and got scared. Um... no and yes. I can't give away the story but it did have me wanting to find out why she left? what was going to happen next and oh my gawd did she just say what I think she did?

While I did like that it was told in Merrick's POV the entire time, I just couldn't get over what a pussy he was. Like he kept whining over this chick. I mean you do get a disclaimer in the beginning but I still wasn't expecting that. I think I am used to Alpha males who wont take any shit from anyone. I get he fell for her but geez dude. 

In the end the book was enjoyable and a bit far fetched but that is the great thing about reading they are fantasy, an escape. Far fetched or not his love for this girl shows in all his actions and reactions.

I gave this book 
3.5/5 hearts

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