Monday, July 14, 2014

Thank You for Loving US!!!

We just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you that subscribe, follow, Facebook, tweet, IG, etc...with us on social media. We appreciate every one of you. We love you for allowing us to be us. Yes, I rant and I thank you for putting up with that. I only do that when I feel its something close to my heart. 

To you fellow readers and followers:
This is my mini love letter to you...
Thank you for getting us to almost 9000 likes on Facebook. When I stated this blog 1 1/2 yrs ago I never thought anyone would care to read my reviews. Then you all welcomed me and interacted with me on social media. I have made some great friends. When I have a bad day I can log into any of my social media sites and you all make blogging worth it for me. I know Dee and Shan feel the same way. We know Facebook has been wonky but we are still getting followers so THANK YOU! Seriously, I love you all.

To you Authors,
I love you so much and Thanks for taking a chance on us. We will do pimp the shizzle out of you. You all rock and make it fun and worthwhile. I know there has been so much drama, but keep your heads up. I know its not easy when it feels like the world is trying to knock you down. These things allow you to live, learn and grow. Take the best out of the bad and use that to push forward. If you believe in your stories so will others. I love you all. Thank You for everything :)

To the Haters,

The point of this post? Well its just that. To say thank you to our followers. Wanna know what I want to give you for being amazing? 

okay ready?....
Here it comes...

okay sooooo since we girls here on the blog love you and we also love Colleen Hoover....






Okay that is just annoying. We are giving away an ebook copy of UGLY LOVE! 

WAIT!!! I am not done geez people reel it in.....

Okay so I love this series and the final book comes out on the same day as Ugly Love.

I really want to give away all 5 ebooks of this I crazy? yeah kind of. Sooooooo here it is. All 5 e-book copies of Jennifer L. Armentrouts Lux series! Opposition comes out on the 5th of August. That means on the 5th they will all show up on one lucky winners kindle. YES ALL 5 e-books. See I love you all. I want you all to love Daemon as much as I do!!!! He's hot. This is a paranormal romance. So please only enter if you are willing to love this delish guy. I PROMISE he is worth it. 

To sum it all up there will be 2 winners. 1 person will win an e-book copy of Ugly Love by Colleen the amazeballs Hoover.

A second winner will recieve THE ENTIRE LUX SERIES by Jennifer L. (best damn maker of paranormal book boyfriends) Armentrout (e-books). Sorry I wish I had enough money to get you the pretty new bind up paperbacks but I am not rich LOL. Anywho's Enter to win and spread the word!!!!
**Oh make sure you enter 1 or both rafflecopters kk**
Once again Thank You all and WE LOVE YOU
Sandie, Dee and Shannon
Book Boyfriend Reviews

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