Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Boyfriend Of the Week July 11th-18th

Yay once again it is time for 
Yup it is that time!

Okay so Yes I was going to vlog this but I ran out of time and my life seems super crazy (thank you college I appreciate that).....anywho it has been 3 weeks since we have done one of these. Holidays and stuff ya know.

I didn't read anything this past week (GASP!) I know. I was really hoping to start and finish the Infernal Devices series but yeah that hasn't happened soooo no BBF for me this week. 

Last week I did read and I chose Mason from Tijan's Fallen Crest book series because he was amazing and I totes feel for the Kade charm. I guess I could just say again he is my choice soooo okay again he is my choice. 

Hey all. Its Shannon. You get to see my pretty face this week since I vlogged mine. Enjoy!!


Hey!! Dee here...Okay okay..looks like I'm going to have to narrate the video. I think technology doesn't want me to vlog, but I sure do make a cute bobble head.. isn't that what I look like up there??? Moving on... So let's get down to my book boyfriend of the week, shall we?
This week I read 6 books. Yes, my fellow book lovers.. SIX BOOKS!! I went on a bit of a binge...So I read all 4 books in the Freebird by Lani Lynn Vale. If you haven't seen my author spotlight on that series, check it out. Plus it has a giveaway.. Okay Moving on.. I also read Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and Best Laid Plans by Tamara Mataya. So.. let me breakdown for you what I had to choose from.
I have 4 ex-army rangers turned MC men who each have their own books: Max, Sam, Gabe and Jack/Jakopa. Then we had Miles from Ugly Love who is a pilot. And we have Malcom from Best Laid Plans that is a musician. Ok.. in the Freebird series, each man gets his own book, but as the series progresses you get a little more of each character. Each man is sexy, strong, sentimental, and a little bit of a caveman when it comes to their women. Then we have Miles from Ugly Love who is just broken from something that happened in his past that just flat out shattered his soul. And Malcolm is the musician who was the dork in school who got bullied. He is now the hot guy with the career and wants to get back at the girl who he blames for what he went through. So this week for me was EXTREMELY hard to choose from. To be honest, I couldn't pick on. For me, it was a tie between Jakopa and Miles. I tried to pick, but once I would pick one my mind would flutter to the other.. so I couldn't decide.. it was a tie.
Last week, sorry guys I know we missed it. Last week I only read 3 books. Tempting Tatum by Kaylee Ryan, Tamed by Emma Chase. and Sweet Addiction by J Daniels. On that set of books we have the firefighter/tattoo artist Blaise from Tempting Tamum. We have the strong, sexy, humorous, intelligent banker from Tamed by Emma Chase. And we have Reese who is the hot wedding sex master. And holy crap was this a hard choice. Honestly it was really really hard for me to pick between these three guys. Can we have a 3 way? Not like that, my fellow perverts.  Gah.. just because I feel like it, I'm not picking.. and you can't make me!!! Okay okay, I will choose one. I choose....., no, Matthew... no, no Blaise.. no,no... Reese... Yes, Reese.. No, Matthew... but wait, Blaise.....

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