Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sweet Perdition by Cynthia Rayne, Review by Dee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Librarians and bikers don't mix...or do they? Good girl Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition, a notorious biker bar in her hometown of Hell, Texas. She meets Ryker, a member of the Four Horsemen and they start a fun, sexual fling. Ryker is usually "wham, bam, and get the hell out" with the wild girls who hang around his club, but he finds himself falling for the sassy librarian. Could they have a shot at something real?Sweet Perdition is lighter in tone than the rest of the books. It is a short novel/long novella that serves as an intro to the Four Horsemen MC series.

I have to say when I started this book, I didn't expect what I read. Don't ask me why, I just didn't. Though I need to check something. Is this a novella or did I speed read that shit? Either way, when I saw it was over, I wasn't ready for it. I totally wanted more. I go so  totally sucked into the story of Ryker and Elizabeth from the get go. Here is my one small complaint though, I think she forgives him way too easily and let's him get away with far too much.. I think she needs a tad more of a backbone when it comes to him. Or maybe she needs to teach him a better lesson, I'm not sure, but she needs something. But to each their own. I do love Elizabeth's growth in the book though , and her ex creeps me the hell out. But then I'm still left with her forgiving Ryker way too easily again. That was really the only thing I didn't like. Everything else with the story was a raw, foul mouthed biker book and a really good read.

I give this book 4 hearts

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