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Point of Redemption by Stacey Lynn Blog Tour

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Title: Point of Redemption (Nordic Lords MC, #2)
Author: Stacey Lynn
Publication Date: July 30, 2014
Lies. Heartbreak. Betrayal. No one knew the devastation of those three words more than Faith Winston and five years ago, she endured every one of them. All she wanted was to feel safe and marry the very man who promised to love her and protect her, Ryker Knight. But growing up in the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, she should have known she couldn’t have a happy ending. Instead, her world became a nightmare. The bikers—her family—abandoned her, leaving her to crash without their safety net. Ryker Knight has spent the last five years consumed with guilt, running from the ghosts that haunt him. That is until his past catches up with him the moment his brother needs his help. Returning home to Jasper Bay, he’s forced to face the same ghosts he was running from. Only to find that the woman he loved is trapped in a hell of her own, entrenched behind enemy lines —and it’s all his fault. And even though Ryker’s life comes with priorities that he can’t – and won’t - turn his back on, he refuses to leave Jasper Bay until he’s found Faith. But will she want to return to the life she’s always wanted even if Ryker is no longer capable of giving her what he once promised? 
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I love MC books and really wasn't disappointed with this one. I liked the story and plot. I liked the characters. I loved the raw, dirty, gritty aspect of it. I love everything he does for love. And honestly I feel kinda bad that she does as much as she does for her mom for the sole purpose of her being her mother. I love that the guys come in to save the day and get her back, to right a wrong. It worries me who they had to get involved with to get that done. I don't have anything really to complain about with the book, no cons to list. Once everything starts to come around for faith, I wanted to scream. Felt like every time she turned around more shit was going down that hurt her. Like she had no way she was gonna get better. All in all I really liked it. If was a solid 3.75 heart read.

Point of Return (Nordic Lords MC, #1)
About the Author
10262190_258551624330079_8054842478242022387_n Amazon Bestselling Author of the Just One Song series, Don't Lie to Me, Remembering Us and the Nordic Lords MC series. I am a wife, a mom, and a writer. I can often be found curled up on the couch with a good book, or obsessively eating Skittles in a very complicated and organized manner. No joke.

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