Monday, April 28, 2014

Book signing April 15 at Baldwin-Wallace University

So I was able to attend a small intimate signing today with Jay Crownover and Sophie Jordan, and with Cora Carmack via satellite. It was at a local college, and I loved that this meant it was smaller and more of an intimate setting. It was set up as a Q&A with the authors. Below are just some of the questions that were answered. Keep in mind, I was a little late due to work, so I missed the beginning. But this is what I caught.

Q- what is the one book you want to write and haven't?
Cora- 6 book series YA a time traveling novel and travel between dimensions. Uses the notes section a lot on phone.

Jay- has written almost everything she has wanted to. Been lucky her editor likes it

Sophie- notes section on her phone is overwhelmed with all the ideas she has. Likes to take the tv shows she likes and it seems to impact her writing.

Q-How involved in marketing are you?

Jay - you have to be online and be accessible and talk to your fans. Ads have gone down vs digital advertising has gone up.

S- you don't have to do everything but something. There's blog parties and street teams. And FB parties. Hard to figure out timing. And figuring out what to attend as an author- event wise.

C- self pub you are your everything. You're the person who handles everything and there's a bigger expectation for the author. Spend 6-7 hours a day marketing and on social media. Bloggers are the gate keepers; Are the people who are the super readers who tell mass readers what to read. Having bloggers on your side can be hugely beneficial. Street teams are crazy helpful. They go above and beyond

Q- does agent require you do your stuff?
S- no. But you need to have some way to have access to you. You need to be accessible. Word of mouth is the #1 place to find readers. Print is down vs digital reading

C & J - target is the #1 place where they sell print. Target has a better NA section than bookstores.

Q- how do you pick your covers?
J- last 3 were models. Indie publishing blew up that the stock photos she was using were being used by other Indies. First 3 were stock photos. Rule is they just have to be hot but attainable, normal, realistic. Molly does everything for her covers. Model, photograph, everything.

c- at fest were all stock, then you have to do photo shoots bc so many are used now. So same book cover is all over. Publisher puts out what they feel will sell.

Q- what inspires you to choose main settings for Finding it?
C-main Female Lead doesn't know what she wants to do with herself. Goes backpacking. She didn't want a book set it a commonly used location so she used Hungary and Budapest. Didn't want to do anything but obvious. It didn't fit the character to do the norm. And places she picked she had either been or wants to go.

After the Q&A, they did giveaways.. check out what people won. This lucky fella won a signed poster from Jay.

Here is Jay Crownover!! I met and talked to JAY CROWNOVER people!!! And yes, we talked Marked Men!
Here is Sophie!! Both authors were absolutely amazing and so easy to talk to!

I snuck a pic of Jay when she wasn't expecting it!!

I won a signed poster from Sophie Jordan and got swag from Jay.. pretty soon we will be giving it away! But you know what I loved about this event? I liked that these three authors pointed out the importance of blogs. And I don't mean they just said the words, you could tell they really loved blogs. They really appreciate the word we do...what's not to love about that?? but really, both authors were so easy to talk to, so amazing, and not only did we discuss their books, but we discussed work by other authors as well. So keep in mind, not only are they authors who's work we love... but they are readers who love someone else's work too!! I don't know about you, but this makes me love them even more!!


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