Thursday, January 10, 2013

YAY!! Announcement time!!!

*Waves hands, jumps up and down yelling I DO, I DO!!*

What's a better way to start off 2013 than to have 13 authors giveaway e-copies of their books? I can't really think of anything better, can you?

Starting on January 13th, for 13 days a new author will be featured each day right here along with a giveaway copy (or copies) of their e-book.

That's not all though...There's more you ask? of course....on the 13th day we will have 2 giveaways...The last author will be featured along with the e-book given away, as well as, a GRAND PRIZE!! say what!! Did I just type GRAND PRIZE? Yup, sure did.

Grand Prize is *drumroll please*.....Ready?.....You sure?.....Don't you hate this?.....LOL, ok I will stop...5 authors will be giving one winner the (paperback) book of the e-book they featured throughout the contest. That's SIX (one author has 2 books to give away!) paperback books in all for one lucky winner!!

Now, I bet you want to know what authors & books are in the giveaway? ok I will tell you.

Jessica Gibson is giving away        Mark of the Witch and Chasing the Witch
                                              Love and Blood and Blood and Lust  
Rachel A. Olson is giving away        The Seventh Layer 

Gena D. Lutz is giving away           Ember's Curse

Kimberly Knight is giving away       Where I Need to Be

Lissa Bryan is giving away           Ghostwriter
                                             The End of All Things

Kitten K. Jackson is giving away    Keeping Secrets

Tonya Kappes is giving away        Strung Out to Die

Deliza Rafferty is giving away      The Savannah Rossi Chronicles, Volumes 1-3

Izzy Cullen is giving away            What You Do to Me

Killian McRae is giving away        Pure & Sinful
                                           A Love by Any Measure

Katie Dylan is giving away          Cult of Beauty: The Secret Life of a Supermodel

K. Anthony Pagano is giving away  Our Other Blood (Lion of the Dark #1)
                                            Thy Blood Extends (Lions of the Dark #2)
                                            Blood on Hand (Lions of the Dark #3)
                                            This Pale Shadow (Lions of the Dark #4)  
Shawnte Borris is giving away       With Love

Whew! Wait I'm not done the paperbacks for the GRANDPRIZE are as follows:

Rachel A. Olson The Seventh Layer
Gena D. Lutz     Ember's Curse
Kimberly Knight  Where I Need to Be
Tonya Kappes   Strung Out to Die
Killian McRae    Pure & Sinful 
                     A Love by Any Measure

Now I am done, WHOA that sure is a lot of books. Good luck my peeps. Remember starting on the 13th and for 13 days after come back here and enter to win daily. You never know you may win the Grand Prize.

XOXO Book Boyfriend Reviews