Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can you Believe it? We are at the half way point of this giveaway!!!

               Today is the 7th day, another Author, another giveaway! 

I am having so much fun doing all of this and bringing all of you the authors that are being featured!

Alright, so should we go with the usual and announce winners now or wait? 
I think we should keep you all in suspense! or, maybe I will be nice and just announce the names now. 
Fine, I will be nice....the winners of yesterdays giveaway for Gena Lutz's Ember's Curse are 
Jennifer Shaw and Andie Wardlow....Congrats :)
I get so excited for all of you that win. 

Today the featured Author that I am presenting is Killian McRae. I like this author because she writes  many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, romance, and historical fiction. I enjoy many different genres I am eclectic in that sense. She is pretty awesome and get this she has agreed to giveaway not only 1 but 2 of her books!!! How great is that? 
That means 2 winners will receive a copy of A Love By Any Measure and Pure & Sinful. 

How steamy is that cover for Pure &Sinful? 

Here is a fun fact the author chose and a fun fact about herself:

Fun Fact: Genghis Khan may have been a red head. 
Fan Fact about me: Almost eaten by an alligator at the age of 10.

Holy Moly, I want to hear that story Killian!

Want to find Killian? Here is where you can do just that


Alright my peeps you all know what to do. Start entering and good luck.

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