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The rules of the Liebster Blog Award are as follows:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you;

2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions

for your nominees;

3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs have 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen. (No tag backs)

4. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog.

I want to thank Stacy Bailey Darnell/Literary Mania Reviews for nominating me for this award. I am so excited and happy that my fellow blogger thought of me for this. I recently started my blog about a month ago. It took a while to get off the ground, I was scared and really intimidated by other blogs. I have to also thank, Author Kimberly Knight for finally just shoving me off the edge and making me swim! <muah> A huge thank you to my husband for believing in me and my followers on my blog, Facebook and Twitter! I appreciate every one of you. I love all the bloggers I have met they have been so helpful and supportive!

Eleven questions from my nominator: 

1. What is your absolute Top Favorite book above all others?

WOW! can you say hard question....Hmmm ok if I really had to choose it would be Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. LOVE Travis Maddox!

2. What was the book that began your reading obsession?

LOL! I have been reading since I could, you know Nancy Drew. Then I stopped reading and actually Twilight was what got me back into reading and then it turned into an obsession.

3. What is your favorite thing to do besides read?

HAHAHA is this supposed to be PG? ok well if its PG then spend time with my family watching silly movies...if its not PG then behind closed/locked doors with the hubby :)

4. Who are your favorite authors?

That will be a looong list ok ready....
Jamie McGuire, Tamarra Webber, Colleen Hoover, Kimberly Knight, Tara Sevic, S.C. Stephens, Jillian Dodd, Kendal Ryan, A.L Jackson, Kitja Millay, Jenn Sterling, Jessica Sorenson, Cassandra Clare, E.L. James, Richelle Mead ...I pimp these out the most I think...I am missing a slew but you get the point.

5. What social networks do you use?

Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest

6. Which of those social networks is your favorite?

I would say Twitter, I have connected with so many people on there PLUS my favorite band Secondhand Serenade follows me....HEHEHE I just love them. Oh and other band that I like too, that follow me is Artist vs Poet they are pretty awesome.

7. What is your favorite holiday?

My birthday! LOL its not really a holiday but if it was it would be spectacular!
seriously though I would say hmmm Christmas, because my oldest daughter comes home from college and that makes me feel like my family is complete.

8. Who is your favorite BBF?

This one is easy Travis Maddox...followed by Emmett Cullen...Then Griffin from Effortless (I love Kellan but Griffin is more my pace)... Christian Grey! Yeah that's my top that I do not think will change unless someone can beat Travis and I don't see that happening. 

9. Who would you cast as that BBF?
I love this question...ok my perfect Travis is this one:
Hot right? that's Daniel Conn....swoon but he is not an actor so if I had to pick an actor then it would be:
Kellan Lutz...That's my pick's.

10. What authors have you met & gotten books signed by?

Sadly, none YET! I do have Jamie McGuire's paperbacks of her Providence Series that are signed by her does that count?

11. What made you decide that you wanted to start a Bookblog?

My love for books and the indie authors that have been so cool and talk back to their fans. It helps make that connection real. I love reading new books and letting people know about them. Just the other day I was in K-mart and a woman was struggling to decide which book she should buy, her boyfriend looked so bored and just kept shrugging saying "I don't know, whatever" never looking up from his phone. So I stepped in and started recommending books. Of course I was like you definitely need to read Beautiful Disaster. We talked for a while I told her an e-reader is pretty awesome pulled up my Kindle app on my phone and showed her my books. Her face was priceless. Her boyfriend was excited because he wouldn't have to go shopping for books and could all be done at home. So that is why I started a blog my love for books and to help others discover them. Plus I love my book boyfriends.

                11 random things about me.

1. My husband is a music producer and recorded me singing Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles in his studio, I sent the only copy to my Best Friend in New Jersey. I can't sing so her dogs were howling along.

2. I love the pit-bull bred, that is my favorite dog. They are so sweet and misunderstood. I used to not like dogs before I married my husband.

3. I love chocolate malted crunch ice-cream from Rite Aid

4. My favorite classic book is Frankenstein. Mary Shelley was an extraordinary writer.

5. When I was pregnant I used to listen to classical music and read Edgar Allen Poe to my baby hahaha (not all the time, but a lot in the last trimester, odd)

6. Love chips and salsa. If I could only eat that forever I would be happy.

7. I met my best friend on-line, in a chat room about a show called October Road. We bonded, are the missing half of one another. She is truly amazing and I send her an anniversary gift every year.  

8. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers, I am the second to the last child so I learned quickly how to defend myself.

9. My husband is the greatest father and partner. Without him I would not be where I am.

10. I was a teen mom.

11. In school F/T for nursing and hoping to move closer to the beach even though I hate cold weather. I live in Palm Springs our low during mid winter is 60! 

My nominations


1. First book that swept you into a whole new world?

2. Name a book you have re-read at least 3 times?

3. What genre do you prefer to read and why?

4. If you had a choice between a real book and an e-reader which one would you choose?

5. If you could meet any author who would it be?

6. Best quote from a book that always stays with you?

7. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

8. Favorite place to read?

9. What is the best thing about being a blogger?

10. What other blogger would you like to meet?

11. Favorite food?

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