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Ember's Curse Blog Tour stop with Giveaway and Interview with Author and Harper

Ok peeps!!! I am so elated because today is my day of the Ember's Curse Blog tour and giveaway!! 
What do I have up my sleeves?? Well since I am only wearing a tank top nothing hahaha j/k 
Today I have a blurb from the book, I had previously done a review for Ember's Curse (see link below), you can checkity check that. I thought what can I do besides the blurb.......I can interview the author of Ember's Curse Gena Lutz as well as Harper *Squeeee* she totally bad ass.


She came at me like a viper as soon as I was in arms reach. She grabbed me hard by my bicep and pulled me to her, whispering harshly into my ear, "What in the hell took you so long?" I tried to answer but she just kept on talking over me. "Your soon to be fiancé almost left twice. Twice! If it wasn't for my considerable talent at wooing the opposite sex, you would have ruined everything!"

I heard a shuffling behind me and thick hot breaths bathed the top of my head. I knew who it was immediately. "I suggest you take your hands of," Collin’s voice growled out. He didn't yell; he didn't have to. Hismere towering presence was enough to make his point. Or it least it should have been. Nevertheless, Sylvia always fell back on her rank and the lack of repercussions it allotted her. So, instead of letting my arm go, she just grabbed it tighter. That was a big mistake on her part. Before Collin had a chance to protest, Harper reached over my shoulder and with barely any effort at all, she yanked Sylvia off the porch and tossed her into the yard. Sylvia landed hard on her ass and a "whoosh” escaped from between her lips from having the wind knocked right out of her. The expression on her face was comical. But I didn't dare laugh. I looked at Harper who casually stood in front of me with her arms crossed. I could only image what she saw in my eyes. Part worry, part disbelief, I would assume. And then she said something that blew me away, "She started it."

I felt myself being surrounded. I looked back and saw Milo and the rest of our traveling companions step in a protective line around us. When I faced forward again I knew why. Tommy was piling out of the house with his second in command right behind him. He looked at his wife sitting in the middle of the yard and then looked back at me and my group. "You!" he said, stabbing the air with his finger in my direction. "Come with me."

Let me just say that I absolutely love Gena, she is just a great person and has been really helpful to me. We have worked on another project together and I can always count on her, so I want to say Thank you to her first and foremost. I am also excited to have Harper here as well. Let me give you a bit of a background on Harper. She is Ember's best friend. Unlike Ember who is a hybrid she is a full Vampire and one bad ass chick!

Gena, What was your inspiration for writing this book?
I had an idea of a kick ass heroine in my head. She looked like Laura Croft from Tomb Raider…but with a twist. She was Hybrid. The more I thought about her and her species; pieces started falling into place. Her personality, the things she liked and disliked… the reason why she was both Vamp and Were. Once I started questioning and asking myself all these things the story began to create itself. All that was left to do was write it all down.

Why did you choose to have the traditional way of killing the mythical creatures (ie Vampire killed w/ a stake...Werewolf w/ silver)  and not something totally outrages?
I wanted to embrace the old-style myths of these supernatural beings. There is only so many attributes you can take away from a certain species before they turn into something else entirely. I wanted to stay as true to them and their lore as possible.

Why hybrids? specifically was really unusual to have this combo. When I first read this I was like hmmmm how is that going to work? was that something that just popped up or is that how you always saw her?
I always saw her that way. It’s who she is. Sometimes we writers don’t have any say in the matter when it comes down to who and what are characters become. For me at least…my characters take on a life of their own.  

The ability that Ember posses' with her mate, why that power? why not make them change what people see or feel?
 I guess it goes back to the last question. I have been following their lead. Sometimes I am as surprised as the reader at what those two can or will do.

I totes LOVE LOVE LOVE Harper and Ember to the point of girl crushes, so I am excited to have her here.

Harper,Where and how did you and Ember meet?
“I was running away from a crazy ex-boyfriend. Yes, before you ask, he was an asshole Vampire. Anyways, I ducked into the Venus Café while trying to give the jerk-hole the slip. It worked great. He walked right by. That’s when I heard it; a muffled laugh. I turned around to see who was stupid enough to laugh at me. I knew it was a wolf. I could smell her. So that meant she was perfectly aware of what I was too. I was surprised when my eyes landed on her. I remember thinking…This bitch has some nerve. The wolf smiled at me, shook her head, and then waved me over. We have been friends ever since. I figured a woman with balls like that is someone to have on your side. I wasn’t wrong.”

Its such an unusual paring, but you two work so well together, how do you manage to live with your best friend and not kill each other?
“Vampires are nesters and werewolves have a pack mentality. With that being said, we actually enjoy having someone we can get along with constantly around. In our house if you get offended easily you’re screwed. We say what we feel and rarely pull our punches.  We respect that about each other. Besides, with me taking my rest during the day and Ember usually out all night…we rarely have a chance to piss each other off.”

So I was totally and I don't know maybe crazy but for a moment I thought you and Nathan were going to end up together! Why would that relationship never work out?
“Me and that Mongrel? Never going to happen. For one he has his head so far up Roxanne’s ass I am surprised…well…that he knows his head from a hole in the ground. He needs someone nice. Nice isn’t a word commonly used to describe this vamp.”

Harper you are totally kick-ass what is the best thing about being a Vampire?
“I loved becoming a vampire. I embraced it from the beginning. I get to live a hundred lifetimes while never losing this rockin’ body. Just look at how perky these tits are after over a hundred years. I’m not stupid; I know how lucky I am.”

If you could ummm... satisfy your urges with any Man who would it be and why? (I choose Adam Levine but hey that's just me)
“Hmmm. I find all types of men alluring. Sex is one of my basics needs. I like a man who has a lot of experience with pleasing a woman and who is also good with his tongue. If you know of any that fit that description, send them my way.”

Gena, What is next for the series and how many books in total do you think will there be?
I am currently writing the second Prime Wolf novel. I am planning on there being at least 4 to 5 in this series. You never know though…some new characters might show up and scream for their own stories to be written. I would love that!

Ok I am totally loving Nathan, Collin is great (he's an Alpha *sing-song* LOVE THAT) but Nathan was just so much fun, Where did he come from and why wasn't he in his cousins pack?
Only white wolves are brought into the Adelphi’s ranks. They are very rare among all the werewolves and are also the strongest of their kind. Nathans mother married a Prime wolf. Nathan was born a Prime.

So will Harper get her own book Gena? *wink wink* maybe a prequel of how Ember and her got to be so bad ass?
She will DEFINITELY get her own book. Her story will be book three in the Prime Wolf novels. You get to see a different side of her. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a chance for you to witness her fall in love.

Best moment in the book for me was when Harper let Sylvia have did that feel Harper?
“It felt like something I would love to do again.”

Finally Gena in the next book will there be as much action and ass kicking as there was in this one? that it was drew me into the story, that and the fact that the women were just as bad-ass as the men!
There will be tons of action. These characters can’t help but get themselves in sticky situations!

I really enjoyed my time with Gena and Harper. Like I said I really love this book. I enjoyed the female characters and I promise you will not be dissapainted. Below is the link to my review and where you can be a fan of Gena's.  

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