Friday, January 3, 2014

Heller's Decision by JD Nixon, Review by Dee

Heller's Decision (Heller, #5)
Tilly Chalmers’ new job as a researcher for a major TV star is turning out to be more eventful than she ever expected. Always on the lookout for a high rating story for her famous boss, she tangles with adult movie stars, and the man who inspired a couple of blood-thirsty young murderers. An unwelcome encounter with a long-time enemy stirs up trouble, and what important decision does Heller make that threatens to jeopardise their relationship

Heller's Decision by J.D. Nixon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was disappointed by this book. Okay, maybe not disappointed but let down. It's the typical bad luck life for Tillie. I mean the amount of trouble this girl gets into, and the things that go wrong just baffle me. But I mean, that is normal Tillie. The thing that really got to me is we still don't know ANYTHING about Heller. He still doesn't know if he is in love with Tillie. She's still basically his sex toy. And you're left wondering if they really are in a relationship. Then the chaos that goes down with Marcus. That left me reeling. And Trent. I feel like she was pushed under the bus. At least Malefic disappeared and didn't do any black magic on her. Don't get me wrong, this has all the drama of a normal Heller book...and of course, all the bad luck and chaos of a normal Tillie. But I don't think it actually gave us anything on them as a couple. he still doesn't answer questions and she still asks too many. I guess I just wanted more from Heller for Tillie. More of some sort of commitment, information, truth. I don't know, something. I don't know, just more. Guess I have to keep my fingers crossed we get that in the next book.

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