Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wife in Name only by Hayson Manning, Review by Dee

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Zoe Hughes escaped to make a new life for herself on the tiny island of Tonga. Now she runs a successful boutique honeymoon resort. Selling true love is easy. No one needs to know she's married in name only. At least until America’s premier honeymoon magazine wants to publish a feature on her perfect marriage. Now she must convince her estranged husband to rip himself away from plotting corporate takeovers in LA to save her island paradise.

Rory agrees to come for forty-eight hours, but only because he needs the positive PR. To his surprise, the wife he finds in Tonga isn’t the same woman he married. Now she’s so much more…

When a storm strands Rory in Tonga, will he win back his wife or leave paradise empty-handed?

About Hayson

Hayson Manning writes fun and flirty romances with alpha dudes and sassy woman. She lives in
the bush in Sydney where she avoids anything scaly, with her lovely sloth children, infuriating but much loved shoe-dropping husband and a tubby opinionated cat (as if a cat doesn't ever not have an opinion). There will often be a foster dog parked on the couch waiting for their forever home. She loves a good glass of wine, dreams of winning the lottery, cries while watching Antiques Roadshow and cannot speak she's sobbing so much by the end of Undercover Boss. She is also an expert at finding new and inventive ways to avoid exercise.

You can contact Hayson at

Twitter: @HaysonManning

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Dee's Review
Are you looking of one of those realizing - what - you've - lost - once - it's - gone happily ever afters? Well then here's your book. Rory and Zoe have been living apart for some time, basically divorced. But then she needs him for a photo shoot for her resort. And he needs the good PR, so he agrees. 10 days in paradise. Nothing can go wrong, right? This should be easy. Wrong. Not only will you be surprised with the way their relationship runs, but you will have unexpected drama you didn't see coming. At first when he was all, 'it is time to come home and stop playing around'. I was like okay caveman, that was rude! I went all feminist movement on him. Women can have jobs too ya know!

 Hayson does a great job of taking two people who have grown so far apart the Pacific separates them, literally, and weaves them back together slowly. Almost like holding their hands to get you to fall in love with falling back in love. It was fun , cute, sexy and romantic at time too. 

Of course with a hot, strong, stubborn, bull headed business man it can be irritating at times, especially when things have to always goes his way, but really you can't help but let him get under your skin.  OooOOoOo ... or when reality hits him at the worst possible time. You will frustrated it took so long, but glad it did.

The timing doesn't get more perfect than that. Believe you me.. perfect. timing.  I give this book 3 hearts.

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