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Still Human Blog Tour

Danny and Liv are back...

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him because she ran without a word when she saw their future mapped out before her. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her and this time he doesn’t think he can move on.

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her because he broke her heart in the worst possible way, right when things were falling into place. She knows she will never love anyone like she loves him and this time she doesn’t think she can move on.

They needed a second chance because they just weren’t ready for their first, but when events changed everything between them, they discovered they were just human after all. Now Liv and Danny have to find a way to survive being hurt by each other. 

They doubted, they underestimated and they did believe the worst, but only because they were too young the first time and too vulnerable the second time. But now they have changed and if they are not the same, surely things can only turn out differently?

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I got a chance to sit down with Danny and Liv.. Check out my interview, followed by my review....

Walking up to a Diner, I am a little nervous meeting Liv and Danny for an interview. I tend to babble and blush, let’s hope I reel it in. Seeing them waiting for me, we get a table and start our interview.

Dee: Liv, Danny. Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me for this little interview. I came prepared with a bunch of questions, so I hope you’re ready. I am just gonna dive right in so I don’t keep you from your day longer than necessary.

Liv: Okay. We’re ready.
Danny: Okay. Let’s do it.

Okay this question is for Liv and Danny. When you found she was gone, and when you ran Liv...why did neither of you confront the other person? I know Danny called constantly Liv...why not confront him and cuss his ass out?
Liv: Because I was in shock. What I saw was pretty heartbreaking, I was quick to judge, I know, but he had lied to me about her before. I was just so devastated that my wall went up and once that happens, I'm pretty difficult to deal with.
Danny: When I realised she left I was devastated. But then I got mad. I mean, I had spent so much time making my life ok and then in a month I gave myself away to her again and she threw it away...again. I know that's not how it was, but it's how it felt for a few days. Then I found out the truth and I knew I could make it ok. But I also knew Liv wasn't going to make it easy.

How did either of you manage to get through those days without one another? And no, work doesn’t count.
Danny: Work.
...what? It has to count, it's all I did. Ok then, I didn't manage, I was a mess. I pushed it all away and hid from it.
Liv: Yeah, I don't have a better answer to this question. Work was my way of coping too. I suppose the only thing that pulled us both through was having Max and Jen there.
Danny: Totally.

Danny…have you heard from Brooke the bitch since the incident?
No, I cancelled my cell when I left, so she has no way of getting hold of me. I blocked her on Facebook. But I heard that she has really got herself together, I'm glad. She's not a horrible person; she's just very insecure I guess. I probably played a part in that, but it doesn't excuse what she did.
Danny, seriously I swear you could be the nicest man ever.

Liv... if you could say one thing to her what would it be?
I'm not angry any more. At the time, I should have said something, but if I was thinking straight and hadn't run, it wouldn't have been pretty. Now if I saw her...and that is always going to be a possibility, I wouldn't have anything to say to her at all. She isn't a threat to me, I just feel sorry for her.
Oh man, you too! You guys are far too nice. Okay, okay, in reality I would just avoid her.

Liv.. why punish Danny for so long after your fall? Why did you feel like he needed to keep proving himself over and over?
That was the worst thing I did to him. Everything else was misunderstanding, or miscommunication, but that was calculated. I wanted him to make me believe that I had the upper hand, because I thought it would heal all the hurt from the past. I was so wrong for putting him through that.

Danny.. At any point did you feel like giving up? Like she was never going to give you another shot to prove your love?
I was confident most of the time that if I stayed strong and kept doing what I was doing, that she would eventually see. But then when I thought I overheard her talking to Max in the storeroom, I almost lost hope. At that point I just wanted to go back to Jen.
But we have great friends, I called Jen and she talked me down, then Max really helped me. After that I was good.

Liv. What kind of grand gesture were you waiting for?
I have no idea. Now I think about it, I'm not sure anything he did would have been enough. I wasn't thinking clearly. I needed a shake! Luckily, I had Connie to talk some sense into me. She opened my eyes to how wonderful he was already being.

Danny.. Do you think you could have gotten as much accomplished with Liv without Max in regards to your relationship and the surprises?
No way. I'll admit, in the beginning, when Liv was in the hospital, I felt like he was keeping me away from her. But he knows her so well, he was right. After that, every step we took in the right direction, happened with his help.
And the surprises?...well you don't think I could have pulled all that off by myself do you? The guy is an event planning genius!

Liv.. do you think you could have gotten your relationship back on track without Max and Charlie?
Erm, no. I mean, I'd like to think that true love always wins, but lets face it, without them we'd still be kidding ourselves.

Okay.. both of you.. How are the tattoos? Any plans on getting any new ones dedicated to Willow? I am in love with the name by the way.. reminds me of the Movie. J
Danny: Haha! Liv is always making plans for new tattoos. But since you asked so nicely, maybe we should show you our new ones. *looking to Liv and lifting my shirt*
*Jaw dropping … staring.. I am pretty sure I am drooling*
Liv: We both had Willow's name added to our trees...Um, Dee? Hello? Danny, you're going to give her a heart attack, put it away!
*looking to Liv* I am drooling, aren’t I. OMG. That’s embarrassing.. Sorry Liv. I…ermm…ummm…yeah… Oh Dear. Sorry. One minute.. Okay, moving on.

Speaking of.. how is the beautiful girl?
Liv: Just AMAZING!
Danny: I didn't know it was possible to love this much.
Liv: Danny is just amazing with her, you should see them together. It hurts, it's so pretty!
Danny: She is the greatest gift Liv could have given me.
I’ve got a three year old. I am so excited for the trip you two are on together. Best thing ever. We should totally have a kiddie play date. On second thought, maybe Liv and I should have a kiddie play date. I need to focus, and I don’t know I could do that with Danny around. Sorry, Liv, but he’s hot… I’m rambling, aren’t I? Oh Dear. How embarrassing. Moving on…

If you could design another tattoo for Liv what would it be? And Liv what would you design for Danny?
Danny: The Willow addition was my idea; I think that’s the extent of my creative input. Look at her, she doesn't need my help, she's got this covered!
Liv: *laughing* See, that's where we're different. I have plans for him...Big plans!!
Danny: Oh God!

Danny...what is your favorite thing about Liv? And Liv what’s your favorite about Danny?
Liv: Just one thing? Ok, his abs! No, I'm kidding!! My favourite thing about Danny is his love. Actually it's his love and determination. He never stops showing me how he loves me.
Danny: My favorite thing about Liv is her individuality.
I don’t know, his abs are mighty fine. SORRY! I can’t stop myself. Back to the questions…

Danny.. you gave Jen and Scott the most beautiful gift ever. How do you think you would feel if/when Liv helps out Charlie and Max? Can you be as supportive?
We have talked about it. It's obviously a far bigger deal than what I did for Jen, but if we have finished our family, I would support her. It's a tough thing to watch someone you love go through pregnancy and then the birth. I know it would be tougher to watch if she wasn't doing it for us. But I totally get her motivation and as hard as it will be, I'll be there. I'll never not be there.

Speaking are Jen and Scott?
Liv: They are doing great! They're so happy. We talk everyday and we're going to see them soon. Jen has suffered a little with morning sickness, but I think she is turning a corner.
Danny: A little? I feel so awful, I think it's my genes, she has been a wreck. I was worried about Liv getting the same trouble my mom had because of me, but she was ok.
Liv: Stop worrying, it will pass as soon as she is over the first trimester, you'll see. See how much he worries?

And you know I’m going to ask about Willow. How do you feel now? How drastically have your lives changed?
Liv: We feel pretty complete right now I think. It is still early days, but she is perfect. Life has changed a lot. I stopped working completely for a few weeks. I've loved the time we have spent together. Like we have been in a little bubble. It has been really special.
Danny: Liv has changed completely! Our lives are still centered around the bar, but she can let it go once we walk away. Not living there has made a huge difference. Having Willow as our focus has made us a team. She is exactly what we needed. I tried to imagine being a father, but nothing in my imagination came close to how it really feels. I love them both more than I have words to describe.

Liv… now that Willow is around, do you find that Danny has to get you to be quiet more?
Haha! ...Yes and I love it!

Danny...why do you think being Dominant in bed is such a turn on for you both?
I know you won't believe this, but I'm naturally dominant. I think because Liv is such a strong character, people assume I'm the submissive type. But I never have been. With Liv I was trying not to let it creep in, it was all so new and she's a control freak, so I was toning it down, or trying to. But sometimes, in that moment, you don't have complete control of yourself and it just happened. I was shocked by how much is seemed to turn her on. I guess after that I just found my grove.
She is so in control in her life, I think letting go and letting me tell her what to do is a huge turn on for her, because she trusts me and she knows whatever happens, it will be pure pleasure.
And for me, well, I have this beautiful badass girl, she's a total powerhouse, everyone knows how completely in control she is all the time. But I know different. I know that she'll let go and let me lead. I know I can shut her up. What about that could possibly not be a turn on?
Did it just get really hot in here? *fanning face* Can I get a tall glass of water please? *gulp*

Liv...anything you would change about the big surprises Danny planned for you? And have you been able to blind side him since the last time? Has he planned any more surprises for you?
I wouldn't change a thing. I never really thought what my perfect day would be or what details would be important to me. Now if I try to think if I think about it, I know I wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much if I had been involved. It's a relief actually, not to have had to give it a though, yet have it be so perfect. He is the master, what can I say? But I think we are done with surprises for now. I'll get him again one day, but I like the new normality we have.

Danny...has Liv’s control freak tendencies calmed at all?
Danny: Yeah, she's focusing the freak tendencies in new directions! *Winks*
Liv: *Smacks Danny's arm* Hey!
Danny: What?
Liv: *Shakes head*
Oh dear…

Do you guys still see Charlie and Max as much as before? How are they? Any family plans for them in the future?
Liv: Well since they're just across the road, we see them all the time. They love looking after Willow. I think they will start a family one day, but they're in no hurry.

How is the house? Have you broke it in? What is your favorite room so far?
Danny: The house is amazing and yes, we gave it a pretty good workout after we moved in. *Winks*
Liv: Will you stop winking! *laughs* You might be interested to know that Danny's favourite room is the bathroom, because it turns out he is a bit of a girl when it comes to bubble baths!
Danny: Awesome, thanks!
Hahhaahhah! OMG that’s awesome! As long as you don’t go for spray tans or pedicures, I think you’re safe Danny.

How are things at the bar and diner? Have you guys stopped working so much?
Liv: It's amazing how well that place runs when I'm not there! I should take it personally, but it's because I have such a fab team.
Danny: It's all because of Liv's hard work that it runs so smoothly now. We both work a lot less and we have a home office, which works really well for both of us. Liv can do all her paperwork and I can work and we don't have to leave the house. We both work at the bar, but it doesn't rule our lives. We have staff for that.

Liv.. if you could buy one thing for Danny what would it be?
It would have to be the car, I'm sad that he let her go. you miss the car? Eleanor…
Danny: I do, but she was done, I'd have probably sold her and started again eventually anyway. Now I can find a new project.
Liv: He is already planning to turn willow into his assistant!
Hahah! Awww. That’s kind of cute. Daddy and daughter Quality Time.

Okay...quick fire have to say the first thing that pops in your head. BOTH OF YOU! Get ready….

Inside or outside?
D: Inside
L: Inside

Chocolate or vanilla?
L: Vanilla but only Ice-cream!
D: Chocolate

Blindfolds or handcuffs?
D: Handcuffs
L: Yes!

Movie night in or out?
D: In
L: In

Favorite movie?
D: I just go with the flow.
L: You have to ask? Dirty Dancing of course.

Doggy or missionary?
D: Missionary
L: Doggy

Hard or tender loving?
L: Both at the same time
D: Agreed

Vegas or Willow tree?
D: You're MEAN! The tree.
L: Now I have to say tree, or I'll look like an arse!
*giggling* Sorry.

Cabo or Cancun?
D: Cabo
L: I couldn't tell you what either was like, Cabo had more useful surfaces, I guess I'll go with Cabo!

Bar or diner?
L: Bar
D: Bar

US or UK?
D: Don't care

Beer or liquor?
D: Liquor
L: Liquor

Poker or slots?
L: Poker
D: Have you seen her play? I'll stick to the slots!

Elevator or wall?
D: Wall

Shower or bath?
L: Shower
D: Bath!!
Bahahaahahaah!! Sorry! Sorry!! Okay..

Lingerie or naked?
D: Again, MEAN! Naked
L: Naked

Hands or mouth?
L: Mouth
D: FML! Mouth

Favorite place you’ve had sex?
D: Vegas
L: You're forgetting the kitchen!
D: Oh yeah, our kitchen!
Oh dear, the heat went up again didn’t it. I so want insider details on this story Liv. Juicy details… wait! Stop! No, I don’t!

One thing you would change about the other person?
D: I've got nothing
L: *Rolls eyes* He's too perfect.

Favorite thing about the other person?
D: Her individuality
L: His love
I was totally hoping I could catch you guys saying something different. Darn you!

What’s your sexual fantasy?
L: It changes all the time
D: That's because we keep fulfilling them!

Top Gun or Dirty Dancing?
L: Dirty Dancing
D: Top Gun, sorry babe.

Dream Car?
D: You know there's only one car for me
L: My little Porsche speedster. One day...

Hotel room wall or mom’s spare bedroom?
L: Hotel definitely
D: Yeah, god yeah!

How many kids do you want?
D: 2
L: Yes, I think one more and we will be done.

Dream destination vacation?
L: There is so much of America I want to see, but Havana really calls to me.
D: I want to go to Hong Kong

Favorite blogger ;)
D: You of course Dee!
L: Haha! Creep!
*fist pump* yess!! I mean..*blushing* Oh dear. Wait.. Umm.. uhhh.. I.. Yeah.. I think that is the last of the questions. Thank god I didn’t have to write out these answers, I am not sure I would be able to read my own writing. You two are so cute and so awesome! So normal! I love it! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with me, I really appreciate it. *looking at Liv* You ever wanna do that play date, look me up Momma. Gabs love the beebies, her word not mine. 
Thanks again guys!
Thanks for having us!

Dee's Review

I don't even know where to start with this. I loved this book. I am not normally in the sappy love story type, there has to be some major conflict and drama for me. But this book was so good.

 I think the thing I liked the most, the thing I loved is that it is so REAL. There isn't a money coming out my ears millionaire. She isn't a size 2 model with tits like globes. It's a real, honest, something you can relate to relationship. Something that us normal folk go through. When Just Human ends, Liv ran leaving Danny behind. So now we have the beginning of the end as our starting point. What are they gonna do about it.. Talk ? Of course not. Move on? Of course not.

 Then Liv gets hurt. She wants Danny there, needs him there, but won't allow herself to acknowledge that and let it happen. As you can probably tell from reading the interview, I was a little upset with Liv reading this. She's just so damn stubborn!

 I understand where she came from, with what she saw. But he came to you. He is proving himself to you. I just kept asking my kindle, what are you waiting for?!!?! What are you looking for!?!? I was seriously yelling at her through my kindle, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

 In my eyes, Danny was doing so much. I felt like Max. Like really! Come on Liv. Come on!!! To me, in my eyes, Danny did more than enough. He was so perfect. I felt like I jumped from irritated to overly excited when things started to unfold the way they did. I mean finally.. finally... they're goin well. Oh god, the tattoo. sigh.. the tattoo...

 I will admit, I did actually cry. When Liv gives her approval and her support for Danny to help Jenn and Scott, I'm not kidding, I teared up. I don't know what it was about that situation that tugged at my heart strings. It was a beautiful moment, a beautiful gesture. And how she wants to help Charlie and Max. It was LOVE. It was seriously the most perfect example of love. Danny and Liv's love and relationship just keeps growing and just becomes more and more beautiful. Not to mention the sex is freaking hot. I love dominant Danny, and so does Liv. I mean mmm mmm mmmm..

 I can't say enough good things about this book, hell about the series. It's just so...normal. Seriously.. I could see Liv and I being friends.. BFF FOREVER! (kidding..well about the BFF thing).  I give it 4 hearts.


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