Thursday, October 31, 2013

*new release* Unexpected Chance by Joanne Schwehm, review by Dee

 Aubrey Ryan, is an aspiring romance writer, however she lacks the knowledge of what romance really is since she has only had one boyfriend and he was not romantic in the least.  Her best friend brings her to a speed dating event, which turns out to be horrible until she meets Alex Logan, a gorgeous night club owner and known "player", but she feels a connection to him; they feel a connection with each other.  

They fall in love and have everything until a misunderstanding and broken trust leads to a tragic accident, making Aubrey want to move away and and start again.  She meets a man, Chance, and they form a friendship.  Aubrey is attracted to him, but is still not over Alex.  Chance is very important to her and he wants to help her get over her broken heart. 

Dee's Review:
So I am reading this book, and I'm like please don't let this be like every other love story. Don't let it be every other story where boy meets girl, boy changes playboy lifestyle for girl. They fall in love and it's all unicorns and rainbows. Well, it starts off that way. But it's not all rainbows and unicorns. There are bumps along the way. Bumps known as Leah and Valerie. Really, Leah is the big problem. Gold digging, money grubbing, stuck up little... sorry. I got side tracked there for a minute. So.. back to the book. So Aubrey falls and falls hard for Alex. And Alex does the same. It's cute the things he does, he's very good to her. And for someone who needs to know romance because she wants to write about it, he's the perfect example. Everything is so perfect, then it happens. He finds her journal and chaos breaks lose. Everything changes. This is where the book changes. This is where I'm sitting here like what the hell just happened!?!?! She moves to Paris after her trauma and heart break. I don't mean it's just a minor heartbreak, it's a crater larger than the moon. Good god her world has changed in the blink of the eye. I did not see this shit coming. In essence, Paris is a clean slate for her. Her starting over and that is where she meets Chance. She tells him everything. They start this beautiful friendship which  makes her doubt her love for Alex. They may be over, but a love like that doesn't die. Toward the end, I had an idea where the book was going.. you know, you just get that feeling. I kind of knew, but Aubrey didn't see it coming. To me, that was romance... To her, well, we don't know. We shall see in Book 2. I gave this book 3.5 hearts 

Unexpected Chance can be bought on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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