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Gloria's Secret by Nelle L'Amour, review by Dee

Gloria Long is the beautiful, self-made CEO of Gloria’s Secret, the world’s largest retailer of lingerie. While her global emporium is famed for selling erotic fantasies, Gloria’s emotional scars inhibit her own sexual desires. Her powerful defenses melt when she meets Jaime Zander, the devastatingly gorgeous advertising guru, who is determined to win not only her account but also her heart by awakening her sexuality.

A man who has never heard the word “no,” Jaime takes his creativity to the limit to make Gloria fall apart and fall for him. But major obstacles stand in the way--Gloria’s Secret’s ruthless Chairman, who covets Gloria and is out to destroy Jaime, as well as his manipulative sexpot daughter, who wants both Gloria’s job and her hot, new love. Complicating matters further, Gloria harbors a dark, horrific secret, that when exposed, will shatter both her empire and her life. Will she be able to have it all or will the walls come tumbling down?

This approximately 225-page novel will be followed by the suspenseful and steamy sequel, Gloria’s Revenge, in Fall 2013.

Dee's Review
It's no secret I am a huge Nelle L'Amour fan. The girls on the blog know I love her. Nelle knows I love her to pieces. So when she wrote a new book, naturally I'm like hells yeah I wanna read it. So I start it and for some reason it feels different to me. I don't know why. It's not just love and sex, which isn't a bad thing. It's hot fucking sex, pushing and denying feelings, dominance, backstabbing, suspense, sadness and vultures.

 I know that last part probably threw you, but the business world is cut throat. And the book starts with this huge scene. This huge OMG moment. I'm like holy shit. Ok. I know you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about. So let me start over. I know, Deep breath Dee.. Deep Breath.

Gloria and Kev have known each a very long time. They have this huge secret that is some big thing they did together, and it haunts her. She is scarred from it. Years later she starts the panty business, ok ok lingerie business, Gloria's Secret with Kev at her side. So while they are looking for a new marketing strategy she meets Jaime. 

All the while, looking over her shoulder in regards to that monumental moment that haunts her. I'm reading this thinking.. I know this is gonna come back around. I know this will haunt her. It does, but it's like she has a ghost with her everywhere she goes. Always has eyes on her. Always looking over her shoulder in certain areas of travel. The unanswered questions of that whole situation are killing me. Then you throw in Mr. sex on legs Jaime, and I'm beside myself. I mean Gloria is...beside herself.

 I don't know what to focus on. Do I focus on him wanting her account. Or how he wants her....umm... her... heart. I don't know!! Not surprisingly. Neither does Gloria. He's nothing I expected. Nothing she expected. And they're relationship isn't either. Not to mention Victor and Vivien, the vultures. God I just any to run them over with her car. Or maybe their own. 

Yeah that sounds better. Then Nelle goes and throws another wrench in it when she explains how they are all linked. Of course it's not how you think, thank you speed walker not getting an explanation. But what else were people to think. Then he's there. When she needs him the most. Awww... time to swoon.

 Keep swooning because then there is Paris. Sigh. 

And of course, the Ferris wheel looking at the Eiffel Tower. And of course, she has a fear of those things.

  I do too. The fear of falling. Of course it's a valid fear. You're like 100 miles in the air and you're looking over the edge and can fall at any moment. I mean anything can happen on a Ferris Wheel.ahem... anything. The idea of just looking over the edge freaks me out.... Speaking of edge.. hello CLIFFHANGER.   I know there is something going on. I just know it. The sinister side of me thinks he's up to something that's gonna break her. The romantic side of me thinks he does care. I know Nelle is gonna kill me with where this is going. But I. Need. To. Know. Please Nelle. I beg of you. 

Let Jaime redeem himself somehow. I am totally digging him! Don't let him be a bad guy! Well bad boys are sometimes fun. Wink wink. Well, of course, if Gloria doesn't want him... I will always take him. I don't mind left overs. :) Write me in to story, I'm all over it! I guess I have to rate this now huh ? I give it 4 hearts. I loved it. Minus the cliffhanger. Those get me every dang time.
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