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Road to Price and Road to Forgiveness by Justine Elvira, Reviews by Dee

The Road to Price

Your life can change when you least expect it, but the love of the right person can make those changes bearable.

Mia Dechino is running from her traumatic past and the death of a loved one. Heartbroken and numb, she packs a bag and is ready to escape the small town in Georgia where she grew up. 
Heading off to Miami to start over, she meets Sebastian Price on an interview from hell. Sebastian is cocky, arrogant, and a womanizer but he might be what Mia is searching for. 
Mia tries to keep her distance from Sebastian but the connection between them is unavoidable. Their attraction slowly builds as the line between employee and employer blurs. 
At twenty-three years old, Mia has gone through more than most people have in a lifetime. Can Mia move past the pain she has in her heart and finally begin to be happy? Or will the guilt of a loved one’s death destroy her. 
*Recommended for 17+ due to subject matter and sexual content.

Dee's Review
So this book started me a little confused. Mia works a lot and gets offered this live in housekeeper job. When she goes to the interview Mr Price's assistants asks if she is sure she was any over by the temp agency. Then  Mr Price asked the same thing. I'm sitting here like WTH!!! What is going on!! 

Obviously the agency sent her why are they questioning it. Then they spark. They shake hands and spark. You know, like light my body on fire kind of spark. But she works for him, it has to be ignored..doesn't it. Once she finds out about his other employees, she refuses to be just another member of the harem. So they have to just be friends. That's what she says...
 But you know Sebastian wants her. In his bed, of course.

Of course this builds such a strong foundation for a beautiful relationship. He offers her faithfulness to only her. The man you love offers you that, what's not say yes to right? He's thoughtful, affectionate, understanding... And married. Okay kind of odd, but we can do this right?

 So I'm sitting here wondering how this is gonna work. He's married and it didn't seem like it was gonna change. But yet he's with her. Like they're in a relationship. He's not sleeping around with sluts. I don't get it. But on the other hand, they hump like rabbits and I'm totally diggin it. I'm on a teetertotter here. I want to not like this, but I totally do. Then the night of the ball happens and worlds are flipped upside down. Lives are changed and he's devastated. And, I know I'm messed up for thinking this, but I'm glad that for once it's a guy devastated crying on the ground. 

Thank you. Thank you Justine. I may not agree with what she did. Let's be honest, I really ducking hated her for it. But I was glad for the change in the normal storyline I'm so used to. Nicely done Justine, nicely done. I immediately turned around and bought Road to forgiveness.. just so you know ..because I liked it that much. I give this book 4 Hearts

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Road to forgiveness

*WARNING: This is the second book in The Price series. It is not a stand alone novel. Please read The Road To Price first.
I loved him so much. He made me happy. He made me feel safe. He made me feel loved. No one has made me feel loved the way he has. ~Mia
Mia is home in Georgia where she thinks she needs to be. She is slowly realizing it might not be the welcome home she hoped for. Life is different. Nothing is as she left it and Mia feels like she is the one to blame.

Her mother cries every day. She is no longer dating Charlie and Charlie quit his job at the factory. He moved to Chicago because he couldn’t handle the grief. While Mia is trying to adjust to the changes, she finds out Kyle might be released from prison due to a technicality.
Mia came to Georgia for familiarity. She ran away from her problems just like she always had in the past. As much as she craved the escape she can’t stop thinking about Sebastian. She needs him. He is the only one who can comfort her.
I would let her have tonight but tomorrow I was going to find her.

I was going to find her and bring her home.

We were meant to be together and I was going to make her remember that.

I just needed to stop crying first. ~Sebastian

Sebastian has followed Mia to Georgia in hopes to get her back. Mia’s mom isn’t very helpful in locating her. He has been in Riceboro, Georgia for three weeks and still no sign of her.
What will happen when he finally lays eyes on her? Will Sebastian find out why she ran in the first place? Will she come back with Sebastian to Miami or is this goodbye for good?
Join Mia and Sebastian in the final part of their story of forgiveness, redemption, and love.

*Recommended for 17+ due to subject matter and sexual content

Dee's review
So if you haven't read The Road To Price you should not read this. There will probably be spoilers. When this book starts you know why she ran. I can say I definitely didn't agree with her thought process, fear is controlling her, but you understand it. Hell how she's still a fully functioning adult after 6 months I will never understand.  Any way... Sebastian is in town and wants his girl back. He makes no qualms about proving it and telling everyone. When she ends up in the hospital and her secret is revealed to everyone, oops, his claim on her becomes even stronger. 

Of course this makes her feel like she needs to push him away and makes me feel like I should slap her upside her head.

 Sad, but true. Not only does Sebastian win her over, he has to win over Jonathan, mom and Charlie. And he does, flying colors. Who wouldn't be impressed. I was seriously amazed at his turn around. At the man he became..for her. Because he loved her. He's seriously amazing. There is plenty of jaw dropping omg that was hot sex, but also a lot of mouth wide open swooning at him.

 I love that in this book we get to see her grow and start thinking healthy and healing her heart and soul. I liked that. I liked the book too. I gave this one 4 hearts

The Road To Forgiveness: 
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About the author

Justine Elvira is an independent author who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Her love for reading and writing stems from her childhood. Justine would constantly come up with elaborate stories in her head and put them to paper.
Her first novel was published in April 2013. The Road To Price follows Mia Dechino during a turning point in her life. It is a love story at heart. Justine is currently working on two new novels, which are Changing His Game and the follow up to Lawful Overdose.
When Justine is not writing, she is spending quality time with her children. She also loves to hike, read, and dance.
           To learn more about Justine visit: 

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