Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Special Guest Mason from Metamorphosis

So it appears that the door to My Place has been unlocked and I’ve been released into the general public for a short time. While trying to decide what to do with my time out and about, I thought about telling you how well Jobu’s Rum is doing and that we have some exciting announcements coming up soon, but I was afraid I’d slip and tell you something I wasn’t supposed to. Then I thought I could talk about the inspiration for all of my tattoos and show you a picture of my latest one, but that of course turned my thoughts to my Angel. And that’s when I realized that most of you would like another short teaser from Ambrosia that shows you just how much I fucking love that girl. She has saved me in ways that she has no idea about. I know she’s got baggage too, but the time I get to be with her is completely worth dealing with any of that other bull shit. No matter what she does, she’ll always be perfect to me.

AMBROSIA TEASER #2.5 SCARLETT ~ You Still Love Me ~ Tyrone Wells
He slowly made his way up my body, kissing and biting every so often, until we were eye-to-eye. I was amazed at his strong, handsome features. I loved the edginess that his tattoos and piercings added. But mostly, I was in awe of his ability to love and forgive. As if he could read my mind, he gently kissed me. “I do love you, Angel. I never stopped.” I closed my eyes and kissed him back, trying to hide the tears that welled up in my eyes. I didn’t deserve someone as wonderful as my Mase. He knew that I couldn’t give him my entire heart, but he took me anyway. I couldn’t mess this up, I wouldn’t get another chance.

*Mason is from Erin Noelle's Metamorphosis and anticipated sequel Ambrosia*