Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review for The Rocker that Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning

Review for:
The Rocker That Holds Me

We are first introduced to Emmie, a sweet little scared 5 yr old girl who is neglected and abused by her junkie mother. 
 The only family she has are 4 guys who are 10 years older then her but take great care of her. Nik, Drake, Shane and Jesse, are there for Emmie no matter what. So when Emmie's mother dies they guys who are now mega hot rockers on tour, jump to claim Emmie and have her come with them. 

Emmie takes care of her guys. She makes sure they have food, sleep in beds, get there hotel rooms, showers and anything else they may need. She is like the guys little sister and they are very very protective of her. Secretly she has feelings for Nik lead singer of 'Demons Wing' and total hottie.
(this is how I envisioned him)

I totes would have been crushing on him too!

Emmie gets sick and all the guys are beside themselves. Worrying about her and feeling hopeless as they try to get her to see a Dr. No matter how hard they try she just reassures them that she is fine and does not need a Dr.

A few days later Emmie is the guys' concert and just about passes out and is rushed to the hospital.....

AND this is where the spoilers would be if I did that sort of thing 

So lets just say that this is where you get the "OH SHIT" moment. 

from here on out I was pretty much enthralled with the storyline and the surprise twist that was thrown in. Usually, I'm pretty good with figuring out the unforeseen events. I'm pretty sure I'm off my A-Game, because the last two books I have read I did not expect the twist. Same can be said for this novella. 

From the beginning Terri Anne Browning had me captivated. Although this is a novella, the author did a great job in pulling me in and not having any holes in the story. I never felt cheated and throughout I understood the magnitude of the characters protective dynamic of each other. Emmie is one lucky girl to have found such a exceptional group of guys that were there to love and protect her from such an early beginning.

I would recommend this novella to EVERYONE!! The authors writing is extraordinary, and from what I hear each member of the band will get a novella! I'm so excited because I've fallen in love with every one of the characters. 
I rated this:
4/5 hearts!!!  

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