Friday, March 15, 2013

Review For Shey Stahl's Waiting For You and Giveaway

Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life. Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents. She is the class valedictorian, has perfect grades, the perfect friends, a perfect boyfriend, basically perfect life...or so everyone thought. That's when she realizes the path planned isn't always the path chosen.
On graduation day she makes a decision. One that changes everything she thought she knew about her intended future.
On a whim, she runs away with the town rebel, Dylan Wade, in search of the unknown.
Dylan Wade isn't looking to run away from anything.
He knows what he wants as he's been waiting on it for years.
On a journey to find the unknown, they discover a friendship they once knew along the open highway and have not a care in the world. Between the yellow and white lines of the heated summer asphalt, a spark draws them together as Dylan's past and Bailey future try to ripe them apart.
Could it be that Dylan and his GTO are exactly what her perfectly planned life needs?

My Review:
SERIOUSLY? Seriously? For the love of all things that I hold dear to my broken shattered heart WHY?? 

Ok Sorry my peeps I am just a bit emotional right now. Hopefully and I mean hopefully I can get through this review without breaking down. 
Still Fresh and raw in my mind although it has been a few days since I finished this book. Yes, it is that type that still has a hold of your soul after reading it. 

Shey Stahl has done it again! She is..... I don't know..... I feel as though I need a new words to describe her....Mad genius... linguistically incredible author...??? Geez she just has me tongue tied and left emotionally spent. 

We meet Bailey, an 18y/o who is living a life of perfectness. Her whole life was planned, her friends were hand picked, her clothes were bought by her mother, her boyfriend was chosen for her, everything she did was never her own choice.....OMG she was a PLASTIC

Fortunately, on the day of her High School graduation, where of course she is Valedictorian, she realizes that her whole life is a sham. Let me say this, the speech she gives makes me so damn proud! 
Unfortunately, her father the Mayor of the town is non to pleased and yanks her off the stage mid-speech.
Poor Bailey, my heart breaks for her as she is telling off her father who of course the jackhole turns it into an issue about him, never hearing his daughter. Her friends and boyfriend are all shocked. Now mind you all this is happening and then Dylan Wade (oh yeah total bad-boy tattooed hottie thanks Shey)
Is out in the parking lot fighting with his father. Its a huge commotion. Turns out Dylan is Bailey neighbor they have known each other since they were 3, but have not spoken for the last 8 yrs. His mother died in a car accident, and he kind of lost his way. He turned into a bad boy causing havoc on the community and has an abusive father (sad). Anyway...Dylan's dad hits Dylan, Bailey sees and runs over and tries to protect Dylan. This is when another argument between Bailey's boyfriend and Dylan ensues and she leaves with Dylan....I know, I was like......

Essentially she is leaving with a stranger, not a complete stranger but really she hasn't talked to him is 8 years! This is where their grand adventure begins. They runaway together and though it is a bit strained at first, the more you read the more you begin to understand that Bailey has had this life of people always controlling her and she is naive to her surroundings. Dylan has sat back all this time pining for her and is upset as he see's how she is manipulated. Oh did I mention they were each other's first kiss when they were 7. 

Dylan and Bailey decide to have a city to city road trip. This is their freedom. Dylan helps Bailey to explore herself. She makes a summer bucket list....Oh I love her list, lets just say stripping and a pole are on the list! 
There are plenty of other GREAT things on that list. (hehehe) 
Let me give you brief run down of the trip....ok there is almost cow tipping, a ramming bull, fireworks, dancing on a car, special memories, kissing in the rain, drinking, laughing, singing, pole dancing, falling in love and mad jealous fights. Not in that order. The author wrote these characters with such passion and intensity that it spilled forth and I had no problem imagining the scenes and scenarios they found themselves in, in my head playing like a movie. I was enthralled and didn't want to come up for breath.

OMG best part and I Love Shey for doing this....Bailey and Dylan go visit his friend who just happens to work for Jameson Riley AWWWW YEAH! 
I was so happy to see Sway and Jameson in here, Sway imparted Bailey with words of wisdom LOL and it was just awesome.

Alright now you know there has to be some sort of problem, climax, angst otherwise whats the fun right?  So this is where it happens and I was like this
then I wanted to do this:
Then I started 

Yup that was totally my heart breaking! WHHHHYYYYYYY. 
Be warned this book is awesome! I laughed, I oohhed, I awwwed, I was like Hello Dylan....

I was shocked, I snort laughed and then the angst hit, tears rolled down my cheeks, my heart broke and then I was spent. 

Basically what I am telling you all is that Shey Stahl has once again done an amazing job and I recommend this book 1000 times over. When I was asked to do this tour I jumped on board quick. If you have not read her other books, trust me you need to. 

I gave this book 
5/5 hearts

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