Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Review for Pretending He’s Mine by Lauren Blakely

Before I start this review, I am going to say this.. I need to find someone who owns a wine cellar. Holy Smokes!


Okay.....moving on.....

We have Sutton Brenner, a casting director and a very good one at that. She casts for all the parts that need some good manly eye candy. She always casts the right guys. And then we have Reeve. He is an actor that has had some small parts, but is dying to get his big break. Sutton is looking to get a big break as well for a big screen movie, “Escorted Lives.” She has a meeting with the big wigs and they mistake her for a movie actress also named Sutton who was recently engaged, so she has to lie and say she is also. They are a family oriented business after all. Queue Reeve. She calls his agent and has him play the part of her doting fiancé. In exchange for playing the part, she will get him an audition for “Escorted Lives” if she gets the casting job, if not he gets $5000. Win/win, right?

Little does she know that Jenna, the wife of the big wig, is a voyeur. Everywhere she sends Reeve and Sutton, Jenna is watching. She has cut off her cheating husband, so this is how she gets her kicks. She watches them in the balcony at the theater (which was so hot), the stacks in the Public Library (oh heaven help me hot), and also .. you guessed it.. in Jenna’s own wine cellar. Of course as they have to play the part of the loving couple, they start to really fall for one another. Who wouldn’t fall for Reeve, with that body and mind. Yum. And Sutton is amazing.

But how does an actor prove that he has real feeling for someone? As they venture into a real relationship and realize their chemistry is amazing and they are compatible, can they make it?

All in all, I loved it. It was a quick read, and it drew me in within the first few pages. After the theater scene, I was hooked. It was hot after all. I couldn’t wait for these two to realize how much they liked one another, and not just because of their chemistry. I couldn’t wait to see it play out. Just like Sutton, I had my reserves about Jenna. Lauren definitely writes her in a way that makes you want to hate her, but wonder if you could like her. And Reeve, that man knows what he is doing and exactly how to touch Sutton. Wow Lauren, Reeve is just wow. I’m just gonna say  Reeve can audition for my leading man role any day. Any day my friend!

I rated this with
4/5 hearts

XoXo Des

Thanks to my friend and guest reviewer for that.

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