Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guest Post from Juewelz from SMIBookClub

  Pieces Of Lies Offical Cover   Book Title: Pieces of Lies Author: Angela Richardson Rating: Reviewer: Juewelz Thank You Sandie for allowing me to be all up in your space today with my review of Pieces of Lies by the talented New Adult, Contemporary Romance author Angela Richardson. Angela released Pieces of Lies at the top of the year back in January. Kat reviewed it for SMIBookClub but it finally came up for its turn for me to read on my LONG TBR list this March. I really wasn't sure what to expect when reading this book. I heard from other SMIBookClub gals that had read this book that it was awesome but to be prepared for a MAJOR cliffhanger, which I HATE! Ok enough about me and onto the good stuff. Reading Pieces of Lies is like watching what I imagine Karen from Vh1 Mob Wives life growing up was like. The main chick Norah AKA Lenoah AKA Princess of New York City is a college senior who transferred schools her senior year. Hmm thats a major red flag, not just to me the reader but the fellow
noseycharacters in the book. Norah is VERY good at keeping things on the hush so her secrets, Pieces of (her) Lies, aren't even touched on until the last 25% of the book.
"You don't understand guys Norah, we don't always think, we just do. It's hard for us to focus clearly sometimes and we end up just acting on impulse, which isn't always a smart thing."- Joshua
Norah, that lucky girl has not one , not two BUT THREE MEN that want her love (cookie, hehe) . Joshua the best friend, poor guy I don't know if he permantley friend zoned himself or if it's just not in the cards for them. He is really sweet and good to Norah, ride or die etc.. BUT he also F's up MAJOR in the begining of the book which causes Norah to question his loyalty. Is he really her BFF or is he using her influence for his future goals and aspirations... POL collage Clint, woa.. this character I really enjoyed. Clint is that sexy jock that we love to hate! You love him because he looks like he is a model for Abercombie & Fitch. But you hate him because he walks around with a stick up his
ass. Clint turns out to be everything that we would want in our imaginary Abercombie boyfriend ,he is a jock, popular and sexy but he is into you! Plain ole you..
" I'm everything I want to be when I'm with you. It feels natural, it feels right. I've been wandering lost in the dark until I met you." - Clint
Oh and another note.. umm Norah and Clint have some amazing "first times" together . I am little jealous all the fictional "first" defintly do not depict that awkward night most of us had lol. Samuel aka Gotti jr. I am really not sure how I exactly feel about Samuel. Maybe it is my own PTSD that has me not really checking for him. But Samuel is that EX that is a pain in your
ass. Like dude lose my number.. You shared a great love and unfortunatley it ended. There isn't a valid reason on WHY but you gotta take Usher's advice and "let it burn. " Samuel refuses to do that and in the process causes confusion for Norah and put his life and her's in danger in the process.
"Oh Samuel. First my showing, then the flowers, the ball and now this. Samuel was fighting for me. He really thought he had found a way for us to be together in the confines of the Lappell."- Norah
There is so much that happens in this book at the last 25-30%. I originally was going to give it an 3 kiss rating but after all that mystery, speed racing, man hunt and gun slaying that the book ended with. It quickly moved it's way up to a 4 kiss rating! I am so excited for book 2 Pieces of Truth which is set to release early May. Angela will be re writing a couple of our favorite scenes from the male's POV. They will be featured on April 4! So make sure you come on over to the blog to check it out and enter in to win Pieces of Truth eBook copies.
-Laters, Juewelz xo  

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