Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest post from Natalie of Live, Love, Laugh and Read Blog

Hi wonderful readers of 
Sandie's Book Boyfriend Reviews! 

I am honored to be able to spend time with you while Sandie is on vacation and probably doing keg stands and playing beer pong as we speak. I hope you enjoy my little post that spotlights three of my favorite book boyfriends! Yes...ONLY three of them. I actually have many, many book boyfriends! I guess you could say I'm a little bit of a book boyfriend hoe.

Anyways, thanks for reading!
Natalie from Live, Love, Laugh, and Read

Have you been waiting for that one special moment?

That turning point in your life when fate steps in and hands you Mr. Perfect on a silver platter.

The moment when you lock eyes with your soul mate from across a crowded room and then next thing you know he's got you collared, tied to his bedpost and he's flogging you senseless...Wait...Whaaaat?

Are we not talking about the same moment?


Well...what the french-toast kind of moment were you thinking about then?

Now don't get all sad and start ugly crying.

We're going to play a little game to cheer your sweet cheeks right up!

Pick Your Book Boyfriend!
(insert corny game show music or even better I'll just post it below)

Pick Your Book Boyfriend is pretty amazing because it actually has the most perfect guys.

And guess what?

You get to choose which book boyfriend YOU want!

You get a perfect book boyfriend! You get a perfect book boyfriend! And you get a perfect book boyfriend!
With his VERY own six-pack absssss and hot, sexy smilllle!

Ladies! Welcome to Pick Your Book Boyfriend!

1. The first rule of Pick Your Book Boyfriend is you do not talk about Pick Your Book Boyfriend

2. The second rule of Pick Your Book Boyfriend is you DO NOT talk about Pick Your Book Boyfriend

3. Third rule, if someone says "Stop", goes limp, or spanks too hard then the date is over (don't spank the book boyfriends too hard ladies!)

4. Fourth rule, only one book boyfriend per lady (Sorry!)

5. Fifth rule, one date at a time ladies!

6. Sixth rule, No shirt, no shoes, and pants can be optional too

7. Seventh rule, dates will go as long as they have to...(see where I'm going with this?)

8. And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first time, you HAVE to pick a book boyfriend!

3 Doors. 3 Book Boyfriends.

Read their responses and then when you finally decide which book boyfriend is the right, sexy guy for you....
Click the door and he is ALL yours, ladies!
Drum roll please....

Door Number One
This man has ALL the right moves and let's just say he can "bang it out" with the best of 'em.
He has a strong passion for photography and loves a girl who knows her way around the kitchen.
Apple pie and zucchini bread are two of his favorites.
He also has a soft spot for nighties...a pink nightie would quite possibly drive him wild.
This man is beautiful from head-to-toe. Jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, and strong jaw.
And his body? Yeah, that's pretty "banging" too. Let's just say there's definitely a six-pack involved.
He's funny, charming, and his personality will make you swoon!

Door Number Two
The guy behind door number two is quite the charmer.
His slight British accent would make any girl fall to her knees.
He is sinfully sexy and his tattoos just add to his bad-boy appeal.
He spends most of his nights performing with his band in front of thousands of screaming fans.
He knows all the right moves on and off the dance floor. Catch my drift?
Although, he tends to put off the "I don't care" attitude he's actually a sweet, romantic deep-down.
This man will organize romantic candlelit dinners on-top  the Eiffel Tour while professing his undying love for you.
I'm telling ya ladies,  the guy behind door #2 is beautiful, sexy, and talented in several ways!

Door Number three
The guy behind door number three is sexy, confident, handsome AND rich!
His Scottish accent has ladies vying for his attention.
He's an intelligent business man who looks down-right sinful in a suit and tie.
He might be a little controlling and overprotective, but it's just the way he is with the people  he loves the most.
Ladies, just imagine what that controlling nature could bring out in the bedroom!
This man's accent and charming personality will make you melt, while his body will have you drooling.


Door Number One
Simon Parker 
Wallbanger by Alice  Clayton

Door Number Two
Jake Wethers
The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

Door Number Three
Braden Carmichael
On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

*Natalie is from the blog Live, Love, Laugh and Read*
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  1. Ha!! I love love love this! I pick Simon. Hands down. I will bake for me him any day!

  2. Luckily I've read all these books so it made it easy to choose #3 Braden all the way baby!!