Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guest Review for Beautiful Goodbye by Chandin Whitten

Book Blurb:

Gage Tucker and Jenna Reylan have been best friends since their diaper days, they would do anything for each other. 
Gage has a love for football and for Jenna, too bad she doesn't know this. 
Jenna's life was perfect until she started dating Jacob, he destroyed her and Gage was there to pick up the pieces. Jenna vows to herself she would never let another man into her heart. Locking up her emotions Jenna follows Gage to college, leaving her old life behind. But somebody forgot to tell her you can't always runaway to forget, there are somethings you have to face.
Enter Larkin Nayler. Larkin is the sexy as hell bad boy football star, everything Jenna needs to avoid. Too bad for her she is exactly what Larkin wants and he is everything she craves. But Larkin has his own past and secrets that could once again ruin Jenna.
Life for Jenna, Gage, and Larkin gets messy and everything they had planned out for their future gets changed. Can Larkin and Jenna tear down their walls and find love again? Can Gage step back and let Jenna go? Can Jenna finally allow someone other than Gage into her life and be happy again? 

My Guest Heather's Review

This book grabs you from the very first page! You want to know everything about the characters. It takes you on am emotional roller coaster ride!! You will be happy, mad, frustrated and sad. You will definately need tissues. This is a well written love triangle. I actually LOVED both Gage and Larkin. I also hated them both.
Gage has been best friends with Jenna forever. They grew up next door neighbors and he was always there for her.  He has 2 loves: football and Jenna!
Jenna has a devastating past. She meet Jacob when she was 16 and he completely tore her world apart. If it wasn't for Gage she doesn't think she could have survived the devastation. She finds a safe haven in Gage so she follows him to college.
Larkin is the bad boy football star everyone warns Jenna to stay away from (don't they know this just makes us want to get to know them more?). He has a past and doesn't do girlfriends. He is captivated by Jenna the first time they meet.
Will Larkin let his past take Jenna from him? Will Jenna realize the love Gage has for her? Will Jenna let her past destroy any type of LOVE she has for the man of her dreams?
"The past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it."
This book was an amazing read! It leaves you wanting to know more about the characters! I give this book 5 stars :) Chandin Witten what an AMAZING job on this book.

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****Special thanks to my friend and guest reviewer Heather.****

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