Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tectonic by Heidi Hutchinson review by Dee

 No matter how solid something seems, if enough pressure is applied, hearts and lives will shift.
Shane Brookings, passionate surfer and accomplished athlete, was not a rock star, as much as he tried to represent himself as one throughout most of his adulthood. Mostly, Shane had always been kind of a jackass. A talented jackass, but still. So it really came as no surprise to him that the only two women he had seen a future with, chose actual rock stars to hitch themselves to.
Feeling cold and hollow, he returned to California to focus on growing his brand. Determined to now stay serious about his life choices, he never anticipated Greta O'Neil's blatant shove into his life.

Greta O'Neil, avid artist, surfer chick, and baby sister to a rock star, had a life that was anything but boring. Having a knack for pulling sad men out of their funk, she sets her talents on Shane Brookings. She has no intention of breaking her rules, which include getting too close, letting him in, and accidentally falling for the guy.
But Shane is not like her other projects. Not only is he built like a Greek god, he's hardworking, passionate, clever and heroic. (Not that he believes any of those things about himself.) The rules she has so firmly set down to protect herself, are more than shaken up with Shane's every push into her life.
Even as they both compromise to make room in their hearts for the other, outside forces put pressure on their burgeoning relationship. Shane's dream is put into jeopardy, ex-lovers surface at the worst moments, and their own faults threaten to violently tear them apart.

Seriously how do you do it Heidi??? Everytime I read one of the Double Blind Study books, I'm all "oh this is so good. I think _____ is my favorite". And now that I've read Shane's story, I feel like I'm cheating on the other guys. But I can tell you definitely Shane is my favorite so far. I think, stress on think, it's because he's come such a long way. In book one he's a cheating a-hole. Then book two he's a okay guy who breaks his own heart for a girl. But in this book, in this book he's a devoted, mature, successful, loyal man- stress on the word man. He's come around, a complete 180 from when we met him. While that may speak to the characters growth, it also speaks to Heidi's writing style. She didn't make Shane do a 180 in one book, where it's painfully obvious. It was a slow, progressive, realistic thing. It was a beautiful thing. 
Then Heidi introduces us to Greta. And Greta is all sorts of strong, sassy and fierce and I love it. Heidi really did write the perfect character to balance out Shane. And balance she did. Love she did. And loved fiercely. I was so scared that Shane was going to fall into his insecurities and not believe what he knew to be true in his heart. However I am so happy with how the story played out. Of course Heidi didn't make it easy for anyone, and of course we have a bit of a love triangle. I mean it couldn't be a DBS book without one. It's how Heidi writes, it's what she does. I feel like I could sqee and gush over this book for hours, because it's all sorts of good. And epically good when that tramp got what was coming to her. Perfect Heidi, what you have given us in this book is perfect.

I give this book 5 hearts

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