Monday, June 22, 2015

~Author Spotlight: Taryn Elliott~

Name: Taryn Elliott
Where you are from: Upstate NY – right between the capital and Saratoga
Writing Genre: I write contemporary romance with a helping of New Adult and Suspense
Tell us about yourself: I’m a full time author, part time graphic designer for myself and a select few. I’m blissfully single and the mommy of a furbaby named Stu. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen pics of the #mascot lol He’s adorably lazy and keeps me company. This year was the first time I was able to tell my day job to shove it! So glad I’m not part of the cubical farm life anymore. I still work sixty hours a week, but at least I love every second of it.
Your latest work in progress: I’m working on “Consumed” the next book in the Lost in Oblivion rockstar series with Cari Quinn. I have to clean up my mess from the minor cliffhanger I left Simon Kagan on in “Destroyed”. WHOOPS! That drops August 4th.
When did you begin writing and why?: I used to tell my best friend stories when I was in middle school and high school. I’d make up fantastical worlds with musicians and actors and everyday women. Then as I got older I started writing them down. I guess I got the bug around thirteen-ish. My friend wasn’t much of a television watcher, but she loved my stories. I’m a huge TV geek so this is my way of telling all those crazy stories I saw on television. I wasn’t really interested in the whole script thing. I’d rather have the control. And I love epic stories with a big cast. I never thought my fanfiction as a kid could turn into a real life calling, but man I do love those musician types. Can’t get enough of them.
What inspires you to write? EVERYTHING. I can see a meme on Facebook, a picture on Pinterest, a blow-me-away finale of a television show—anything can trigger a story in my head. But the one thing that will always inspire me is music. I HAVE to have a playlist for every one of my books, whether it’s a short story or 400+ pages of crazy, all of them have a Spotify playlist.
Are any of your books based on something personal that has happened in your life? Indirectly…yeah I take inspiration from what’s happened in my life for a lot of my stories. One of my first books—Holiday Sparks. Darcy hates Christmas. I’ve worked retail for far too many years. LOL I hated Christmas for a long time.
Who are some of your favorite authors? Nora Roberts and especially her JD Robb (ROARKE!), Cari Quinn, Julie James, Karen Marie Moning, Kaye Hooper,
Favorite book? Born in Fire, Nora Roberts – it’s one that I can always re-read. I love Maggie and Rogan.
Would you change anything that has happened to you? No. I’m a big believer in fate. If I change one thing—everything else could be different. Even if part of me would love to have my parents alive and well again, I always wonder if something else would be drastically different.
Can you share some of your WIP?
What’s the hardest part of writing? Keeping my butt in the chair. I have ideas a plenty but man…writing is HARD. You are alone a lot—which I don’t mind, but if I didn’t have my co-writer for the Oblivion Rockstar Series and best friend-- Cari Quinn, around, I don’t think I’d get nearly as much work done. We really push and support each other.
Do you have any advice for other authors? Yes. Find your community. Support really helps in this business. Find people to sprint with, find other authors in your genre…anything but stay completely isolated. Now…it’s really easy to do TOO much in the community, so there’s a balance that you have to find, but it really has helped me stay sane.
Do you have any other hobbies? Yes. I’m an artist as well, so I do a lot of graphics for us in the writing world. And I also love to crochet and knit. I’m a novice, but it’s really soothing.
Favorite TV show and song? TV show…hands down, SUPERNATURAL. Holy smokes am I a Dean Girl. LOL

Song? Yeah…um. That changes hourly. But right now? Ed Sheeran, Bloodstream (Arty Remix) It’s been on a constant repeat. One that stays with me though is Wanted Dead or Alive, Bon Jovi—I can’t not listen to it if it’s on.

Fast Fire Round Pick One:

Dildo or vibrator? Dildo

Inside or Outside? Inside (bugs…ick)

Hard or Rough? Hard

Beard or No Beard? I enjoy the beardy…just not wildebeest.

Long Hair or Short? Long…fistable. ;)

Sour or Sweet? Sweet

Top or Bottom? Top

Missionary or Doggiestyle? Both? Like now? Ahem…I like it durty. ;) Doggie pls.

Tall or Short? Like ‘em tall!

Ice Cream or Candy? Ice Cream definitely

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