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~Author Spotlight- Christina Escue~

A New Beginning Synopsis:
For the first eight years of her life Karla Hall knew nothing but love, but when her beloved Grams and Pops died everything changed and she was forced upon a mother who never wanted her.
For the next six years she never knew what was going to happen next. Her mother moved her from town to town, following whatever loser boyfriend she had at the time and drinking away what little money she made in whatever dead-end job she could find. Her mother was a mean drunk and Karla was her favorite target. The boyfriends were worse.
On her fourteenth birthday Karla’s life takes a drastic turn. Her mother is arrested for soliciting drugs, the current boyfriend takes off and Karla is all alone in a dump of an apartment with no food and no money. 
Caught shoplifting food, Karla is taken into the system and that’s where she meets The Peterson’s. Now she’s in a loving home, has a brother and sister she never knew about and has friends she’d never thought she’d have.
Will Karla get her Second Chance? Or will her past stand in the way of her New Beginning?


A New Hope Synopsis:
Upon discovering she had a younger brother in Texas; Karla, Leslie and Andrew immediately went to him. What they didn’t expect was for tragedy to strike within days of their arrival.
Elliot Matthews had known nothing but love his entire life. When his father was killed in a terrible accident he discovered his beloved grandmother was too ill to care for him, so she tracked down the mother he’d never known. Instead of a mother he got a sister he didn’t know existed.
Now Karla must help Elliot deal with his grief as he adapts to new surroundings, makes new friends and learns that life really does go on.

After Kiara’s announcement Karla is faced with bridging the gap between her brother and sister.
When an explosive turn of events rocks the foundation of their happiness, Karla, her family and friends must sift through the wreckage and find the hope they need to carry on.
Will Karla be able to follow this new road on life’s journey or will she succumb to the darkness that borders the edge of her existence? 

Name: Christina Escue

Where you are from: Tennessee

Writing Genre: YA/Teen Romance

Tell us about yourself: I am 34, almost 35, years old and have two beautiful daughters. I have always been an avid reader and last year I turned my passion for reading into a passion for writing.
Your latest work in progress: My latest WIP is A New Journey, book 3 in the Second Chance Series.
When did you begin writing and why?: I started writing in July of 2014 after an idea popped into my head and nagged me until I gave in.

What inspires you to write?: My biggest inspiration is my fellow authors and friends. They are constantly inspiring me to create. 

Are any of your books based on something personal that has happened in your life?: Bits and pieces

Who are some of your favorite authors?: Erica Stevens, D.L. Col√≥n, J.R. Ward, Teresa Gabelman, Stephanie Rowe…just to name a few.

Favorite book?: Asking me to pick a favorite book is like asking me to choose a favorite child. My favorite series is Kindred by Erica Stevens.

Would you change anything that has happened to you?: No, because everything that has happened to me has made me the person I am today.

Can you share some of your WIP?: This is the first part of chapter one of A New Journey.
Chapter One

“Manuel, you need to talk to her.” Karla said to her older brother as she sat on the couch in his apartment. “It’s been a week and she isn’t handling this silent treatment well.”
“She should have thought about that before agreeing to marry a boy she barely knows.” Manuel told her. He stood from the chair and started pacing the small living room. “She is too young to get married and I will not give her my blessing.”
“Umm… Manuel, she is eighteen and doesn’t need your permission to get married. She and Jake have been seeing each other since you moved here so she isn’t marrying a boy she barely knows either.”
Manuel looked at her like she’d lost her mind. “Are you telling me you are okay with this?”
“I am. I think Kiara and Jake are great together and they are waiting a year before they actually get married. They’ve set a date for next June.”
“They’re waiting a year?” Manuel asked in shock. “Why are they waiting that long?”
“Because they want a proper wedding and they want to finish their first year of college before they get married. They are both going to be living in their separate dorms on campus and they are both going to get part-time jobs so they can pay for the wedding and get an apartment together. You would know all of this if you would just come over and talk to her.” Karla chastised him.
“I still don’t approve of her getting married.” Manuel said stubbornly. She’s far too young.”
“Manuel, she’s getting married whether you approve or not. Is your stubborn pride worth losing your sister over?” Callie said from where she was sitting at the small table in the kitchen. When he looked over at her she stood and walked to him. “I understand your concerns, but Kiara is eighteen and doesn’t need your permission or approval to get married. She’d be happier with it though. Don’t you want your sister happy?”
Manuel stood there for a minute and looked at Callie dumbfounded. “Fine. You two win. I’ll go talk to her tonight.” Manuel finally conceded. “I’m still not happy about this though.”
“If it means anything I think you’re doing the right thing.” Callie said and locked eyes with him. “She needs you more than she’d ever admit to anyone, herself included.”
Karla watched them from her place on the couch and smiled. She loved them both and was thrilled that they were exploring their feelings for one another. She hated to interrupt the moment, but they had things to do. “Umm… guys? I hate to interrupt this moment, but Callie and I have practice and as a captain I can’t be late.”
Manuel looked over at his youngest sister and smiled. “Okay,” he said and looked back at Callie. “Will I see you later when I go talk to Kiara?”
“I’ll be there. She’s asked Karla, Rylee and I to be her bride’s maids.” Callie answered with a grin.
“I will see you later then. Have fun at practice.” He said with a grin as he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.
Karla smiled and walked to the door. When she looked back Callie stood on her tip-toes and kissed Manuel’s cheek before she turned and walked toward Karla. Manuel watched them from the window as they got into Callie’s silver Honda Civic and pulled out of the apartment complex parking lot.
After they were gone he checked the time and pulled out his cell phone. He needed to talk to someone and he knew just who to call.

What’s the hardest part of writing?: Not reaching through my laptop and smacking my characters upside the head.

Do you have any advice for other authors?: Grow a layer of thick skin and no matter what anyone says never give up.

Do you have any other hobbies?: Reading, listening to music and spending time with my daughters.

Favorite TV show and song? I don’t watch TV, but my current favorite song is All Of Me by John Legend

Fast Fire Round Pick One:

Dildo or vibrator? Vibrator

Inside or Outside? Inside

Hard or Rough? Rough

Beard or No Beard? No beard

Long Hair or Short? Short hair

Sour or Sweet? Sweet

Top or Bottom? Top

Missionary or Doggiestyle? Doggiestyle

Tall or Short? Tall

Ice Cream or Candy? Ice Cream

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