Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Boyfriend of the week 7/20-8/1

Hey its me Shan. I wasn’t able to vlog this week due to the fact my kids think they need to add input while I record. So sorry you won’t see my pretty face this week. Just kidding.
This week I read two books. I read Bittersweet Revenge and Plumb Crazy.
Bittersweet Revenge is by J. L. Beck. This book sucked me in from the beginning. I will have my review up on the blog on August 12, 2014. So be on the look out to get more info about it.

The second book I read was Plumb Crazy by Molly Blaisdell. This book is a coming of age book I really enjoyed. My review of it will be up on the blog on August 5, 2014.

So now for my book boyfriend of the week………………………………………………………………………..

I struggled with this decision because I really wanted to like Chris from Bittersweet Revenge but he made me mad at the end. So it was Mitch from Plumb Crazy. He was such a sweetie. I loved him. He was so good to Elva in the book. 


Hi Guys, Dee here!! So it's my turn to go over my book boyfriend of the week. This week I read Where I belong by J Daniels, Pierced by Sydney Landon, Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover, Incandescence by River Savage, and Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst. I'll be sure to put all purchase links below, but keep in mind that some aren't out yet so they will be missing. SO let me break it down for you

Where I belong by J Daniels has Ben who is a cop and dad to the cutest little boy ever. Previous tormentor, current really good guy who falls for the girl he tormented as a child.

Pierced by Sydney Landon has Luc. Rich young hottie with a past that torments him and is surprised when he falls for the girl.

Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover has Daniel from the Hopeless series. Sigh.. Daniel is a high school playboy who doesn't expect to fall in love.

Incandescence by River Savage is an MC book. It is about Nix. The best type of MC guys. Crass, gritty, dirty, tells it like it is  kind of guy.

Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst is about Nate. A nerd turned hottie who falls for a girl who refuses to admit her feelings for him. He's a very successful, intelligent man who is so devoted to work and underneath is a really good guy who's a uber hottie.

So.... my hand's were full with this one. And let me tell you these men were on my mind a lot.. Hard to pick, don't you think? So....

The winner is.......

Ben from Where I Belong by J Daniels. This man is just amazing. Not only because he is hot and can screw like a god, but because of the changes he made as a man. Can I also say I find a good dad sexy as hell?? And he is a great dad. Not only that, he goes out of his way to prove to Mia he isn't the guy he used to be, which I think is the best thing he could have done. Not to mention...cop.. uniform... cuffs... Enough Said. ;)

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