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Rev by JC Emery, Review by Dee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Everyone belongs somewhere. Even the misfits.

With the looming threat from the Mancuso Crime Family, the Forsaken Motorcycle Club is preparing for a war that could destroy them. Grady, the club’s Sergeant-at-Arms, knows that love makes you weak, and he has zero interest in adding to his liabilities– especially now. He’s already got his teenage daughter who keeps him on his toes and a beef within the club that could fracture his relationship with a fellow brother for good.

For Holly Mercer, her life is finally getting on track and the last thing she wants is trouble from her hometown’s resident outlaws. Keeping her nose clean is easier said than done, when suddenly she finds herself embroiled in club business. Holly might like the idea of being with a real-life bad boy, but even being in the same room with tough-as-nails Grady flusters her.

When Holly inadvertently finds herself on Mancuso’s radar, she has two choices: trust that Grady will protect her, or continue to refuse the club’s help. Both roads are dangerous, but only one has the chance to damage her beyond repair.

Love is never more dangerous than when it can destroy you.

Wow. Just wow. I've read the other books in the Bayonet Series and I thought Duke was my favorite, but I think Grady may have just taken the cake. Good god. Talk about drama. There was so much drama and angst and steamy sexiness and .... Just wow. Okay can I say that this book has one of the darkest, worst scenes I've ever read. But it was like a really gross CAr wreck but you can't look away. I couldn't put the book down. This was so well written. A true ride that will just suck you right in. Holly and Grady were like the last two people you thought would get together, let alone last. And they seemed to have shit thrown at them from all sides. Just when you thought the Mancuso stuff was over, it comes right back at them. And so much more. I think what I really loved about this book is Holly. She's a strong ass female character. She may have her times of need and maybe break a little. But I love her sassy mouth, her attitude and despite everything she goes through her strength. I think JC nailed it with this book.

But here are the questions or issues I'm still plagued with. What happened between Jim and Leo? Why did he just disappear? Who's really sending the men? How did Elle take the news of Holly becoming Knuck's old lady? Is it weird I wanted more of a confrontation between those two, and possibly have Elle put in her place? What was up with Ian when Grady noticed something was wrong? Did Grady really divorce his ex- sometimes it sounded like they were still married. Not gonna lie, that was drama I was kinda waiting for. And I'm glad JC didn't introduce it bc I don't think the book needed any more drama.
I give this book 5+ hearts

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