Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to DEE!!!!

I am so excited becuz today is a very special day!!!
Why? What day is it you ask? IT IS DEE's BIRFDAY!!!!
I just want to let Dee know that I truly love and appreciate her and all she does here on the blog.

Dee Last year when you barreled into my life you became one of my best friends. You makes me laugh and I love your sense of humor. You stay on top of all this blog shit by organizing the email. You have a crazy case of OCD but you make this blog better. I appreciate all the hard work. I love that all the authors talk highly about you & your professionalism. You have been there for me when things in my life were not the best but you always made me look for the positive. You are a true example of what a great person should be. You have a huge 
And I could never ask for anything more. I love our voxer chats and your little video messages you send. I love your face so much. Now I am gonna go because I am crying like a baby. You are the best and I love you!!!! 

Now here are some friends to wish you Happy Birfday

Happy Birthday to my favorite cum twat. Dee, I love you. You're so fucking wonderful I can hardly stand it and you're super pretty. I hope you have an awesome Birthday and take some time to drink up...Kinda like we did in Cincy 
Love your face!
Happy mother fucking Birthday Dee!!!!!!
love, Nat

Happy Birthday Dee!
We became friends by chance of a random voxer message and I thank the stars we did. I found someone who can talk boobs, family and crazy ass kids all at the same time. You keep me sane when deadlines come too fast and make me feel better with your crazy ass schedule! You know more about me than any person should legally know, even if you say you wont visit me in prison! 
Here is to many more drinks in Cincy, to friends who meet you at the bar after you've driven 4 hours alone, to sleeping 3 in the bed, to staying strong, being happy and not waiting a year to see each other again!!! I love you to the moon and back!

Happy Birthday to Dee happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dee Happy Birthday to you. I loves you loads Dee and I hope you have a great day - Shannon
Oh and Shan said this is her present to you...

We hope you have a great birthday We all love you so much! Thanks for being a great friend.

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