Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Boyfriend of the Week (June 13-19)

Damn I swear these weeks fly by! I am getting all cozy with a book and then BAM its already the end of the week. While I am in school it is hard to read, but I do sneak in a few pages here and there.

This week I read 2 books. 

What? I know it seems as though I don't read too much but trust me with 4 kids a hubby and school I am just glad I can even get through 2 books a week.
I have a lot going on I know, I know!!! 

Alright so the two books I read this week are

Michelle Hodkin is an amazing writer who has created a world where I could not distinguish what was what and who was who. The second book in this series, had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I was fascinated, and could not believe the turn in events. I have to wait until November for the conclusion but it was so worth it. Noah Shaw is worthy of being a book boyfriend because he is there for Mara when others dismiss her and her weirdness. He is unlike any character I have read before and can not wait until the last book.

Next up I read:

Those words left my mouth as I read scenes from this book. I have no idea how Erin Noelle came up with some of this stuff but WOW! This book is a must read. It is like a paradox there are moments of dark and light. Right and wrong. Hot and cold. Why you ask? Well the author created a world that had me questioning her sanity as well as my own. Could that be possible? Why and how could one be that cruel? OMG he need to be stopped! OMG he needs to continue! I was thrown into states of anxiety having to put the book down and walking away while I calmed my nerves. This book has everything I look for. Angst, darkness, romance, love, drama. It left me reeling.
The book boyfriend in this book is Madden Decker. He is a man who knows what he wants. He is not the usual rich, unbalanced bad boy who needs help. No he is a professional who has his shit together and knows what he needs and wants. let me just say Ferris Wheel!!! I will have a full review up when the book releases. It comes out in 2 days! June 22nd GET READY. You will Thank me.

My pick for Book Boyfriend of the week is....

LOL okay my pick for this week is MADDEN DECKER! He is everything you need in a man. Caring, comforting, sexy, not broken, knows what he wants, will do what he needs to keep his girl happy, a fighter and a great lover! What more could you possibly ask for?

Make sure you buy Erin Noelle's book Translucent on June 22nd so you too can meet and fall for Madden Decker.

Hey guys, Dee here! What up!!! Okay, so ... guess how many books I read this week? 4 and you know what.. they were all so good. And can you believe these bitches are making me pick my favorite book boyfriend from these books? Can you believe that shit?!!?

It's like Lay's. You can't have just one. Okay, well fine. they are saying I have to.. so here we go. I read 4 books this week. 

Hook Me by Chelle Bliss

Encore by AM Madden

Lock & Key by Cat Porter

Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel by Nina G Jones

Okay so let me  break it down for you....

In Hook Me we have a MMA fighter with a little crazy drama chasing after a doctor. It was a 4 heart read for me.

In Encore, we have a whole slew of relationships that get their happily ever after. It was a 4 heart read for me.

In Lock & Key, we have a MC alpha male who's found his woman and has to fight to have her. It was a 5 heart read for me.

In Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel, we have a Hollywood playboy who thinks he found the one he wants to settle down with. It was a 4 heart read for me.


Okay.So, since these wenches 'round here won't let me have more than one, I have it narrowed down to Michael from Hook Me or Miller from Lock & Key. MMA or MC...MMA or MC... 
alpha or alpha... MMA or MC... muscles or muscles...MMA or MC.. MMA or MC....tatts and piercings or tatts and Harley's...

Okay I'm going with my gut... 

I pick.... Miller from Lock and Key. This was seriously one of the hardest decisions I've ever made.  There was just so much about Miller/Lock. 1- He's an alpha male. 2- He owns multiple motorcycles. 3- He's ballsy. 4- He goes for what he wants. 5- He's all muscle. 6- Did I mention he rides Harley's? 7- not only is he alpha, but he is also so sympathetic to his woman's history. He's supportive, and amazing, and strong, and ....just incredibly alpha at time, and amazingly normal too. I totally fell in love with his character. 

You can check out 3 of the books below on Amazon.. Lock & Key will be released soon.

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