Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Shannon's Review of Playing For Keeps by Toria Lyons

Playing For Keeps 
by Toria Lyons
Release Date: February 24, 2015


Undeniably sexy, book one in the gripping and racy Scarlet series is guaranteed to satisfy. 

Defiantly single, career-driven Sarah Evans has a secret love for rugby – but has no time for sportsmen lotharios who stray away. A blast from the past sends unexpected sparks flying in her direction when she runs into Tom Murray; rugby player, tycoon, and the ultimate Casanova. She resolves to stay away from him despite the obvious attraction, but he can’t keep away from her – he wants her and nothing’s going to get in his way. 

While they can’t keep their hands off each other, Sarah doesn’t want a relationship, especially not one with a rugby player with a playboy reputation. Sticking to her guns, she knows he’ll move on sooner or later, and she just has to defend her heart from Tom’s remorseless attacks. But for him, this isn’t a game; he wants her in ways he doesn’t understand, and needs to convince Sarah the same. 

Can Tom convince her he really is playing for keeps? 

Shannon's Review

Playing for Keeps is an awesome story on a guy who will do anything to have what he wants. He had her one time but lost her. Tom is hot beyond believe and Sarah is gorgeous. They have a past per say. Tom is a rugby player that comes back to play where Sarah is living since college. He turns her world upside down once again.
This book was very well written. It all happens across the pond in England. The book is also written in the author’s native tongue. I had some problems because of this but it is still worth the read. I am giving this book 4 hearts.

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