Thursday, May 21, 2015

***Author Spotlight: James Grey***

Today Author's Spotlight is with James Grey. Yes ladies another mail erotica author and a hot one at that. Get ready to get a glimpse into his world. 

About James Grey

First, let’s get one thing clear: I’m for real. Yes, a male writer of erotica! No unicorns here! Ladies, I have all the right parts in my pants. End of story.

I am in my thirties. I am based in the UK and English is my mother tongue. But I am not British. Yes, this is a nom de plume. Yes, I am a professional, published writer in many different fields. Yes, my background tends towards the conservative. So I know you’ll appreciate my privacy needs.

Now then, I am an extremely naughty boy. The average guy thinks about sex, what is it, eight times an hour or something? For me, quadruple that. My imagination is a wild place. You’d have a lot of fun there.

So here’s the thing: I revere and worship women. I find your scent intoxicating. The feel of your gentle, soft skin is like a brush with the divine. Kissing your perfumed hair makes me close my eyes and silently give thanks.

I love to see you naked, adore it when your hair tumbles down in perfect curls over your bashful, beautiful breasts. When your body glows in the golden light of flame, it dazes me. I am entranced by the bead of sweat that forms on your tender neck, and gently trickles down your bare, tanned back. It’s one of my favourite parts of you, your back, because it’s your biggest expanse of skin. And that skin – every inch of it – is joy and wonder to me. 

You are everything I am not. You fascinate me. I can never get enough of you.

But don’t be entirely fooled by the poetry. I am a man. I like sports and lesbian porn. In my perfect world I would have a harem. On the other hand, I don’t like beer or cars or explosions very much, and I’m into literature, and I’m sensitive enough to cry at times. So maybe I’m not quite the stereotypical guy. I’m complicated. Just compare my stories Playdate and The Raven: they’re both true tales, and they’re both me.

Some of my work is fiction, some is fantasy, and some is honest-as-steel autobiographical. The more you connect with me, the sooner you’ll learn which is which.

At times I’ll write from your perspective. But what I’ll always do best is take you inside a man’s mind. When my men speak and think, you have a front-row seat. Nothing is softened for my audience. It’s raw, it’s real and it might just be an education. 

Thank you for buying me, and letting me have this honest outlet for my passions. Thank you for the ongoing feedback and encouragement. The thought that you might be turned on by my words, turns me on more than you can know.

James Grey

Where you are from
Oxford, England

Writing Genre

Tell us about yourself
I’m secretive online but hide from nobody in real life. I’m in my early thirties. I love sex and consider myself the most honest kind of male writer there is. I like to reveal my innermost thoughts but also experiment with writing from female perspectives
Your latest work in progress
Escort Unleashed, which is the sequel to Escort in Training Escort in Training

When did you begin writing and why?
It’s lost in the mists of time. I wrote since I was a young kid. I’ve worked in publishing all my life, as a writer and editor. Erotic ebooks are a new thing, only just over a year now…and I guess you could say my ex-girlfriend’s filth collection is what inspire me there ;)

What inspires you to write?
My own experiences (the short story Playdate, or Hot Wet Touches Amsterdam). Also sometimes my own experiences with an imaginary ending (the short story April, for example). Or fantasy of how I would like the world to be (my novel, Escort in Training).
Are any of your books based on something personal that has happened in your life?
Absolutely. My first book, Hot Wet Touches, is like this, and I’d say about half my work is inspired by experience. I try to take a lot in when I’m having fun times…

Who are some of your favorite authors?
I love erotica about training submissives. Goldeniangel, Samantha Austen and Lily White, for example. But I don’t get much time to read and explore as much writing as I’d like to.

Favorite book?
Alice in Wonderland

Would you change anything that has happened to you?
Haha, yes, sure…read my short stories Hot Wet Touches or April for clues!

Can you share some of your WIP?
Sure – from Escort Unleashed:
“Stand up please, beautiful,” he says, breathing in deeply and removing his hand from beneath my chin. I rise to my bare feet as elegantly as I can. The floor and the carpet still feel hard beneath them. My knees are a little red from the kneeling, I think. But he’s only looking at my eyes, and I’m mesmerized.
“I need you naked. Would you rather undress or be undressed tonight? You don’t need to say it. Show me.”

What’s the hardest part of writing?
Finding enough time when you still have to scrape the rent together.

Do you have any advice for other authors?
Be disciplined about setting aside writing time

Do you have any other hobbies?
Sports. Lots of sport…

Favorite TV show and song?
Quite into the Big Bang Theory at the moment. Songs come and go but Peter Sarsted’s ‘Where do you go to my lovely’ is an enduring favourite for me.

Fast Fire Round Pick One:

Dildo or vibrator? Dildo

Inside or Outside? Both!

Hard or Rough? Hard

Beard or No Beard?  I’m just gonna say I like shaved…

Long Hair or Short? Long

Sour or Sweet? Sweet

Top or Bottom? Top

Missionary or Doggiestyle?  Missionary

Tall or Short? Short

Ice Cream or Candy? Candy

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