Thursday, May 28, 2015

~~Author Spotlight: Bree Pierce and Giveaway~~

1.       Name- Bree Pierce
  1. 2.       Where you are from- Arkansas
    3.       Writing Genre- Paranormal Romance, but I have a Romance novella out as well.
    4.       Tell us about yourself-  I have always lived in Arkansas.  I am married with three children and a dog.  Two of my children are too small to be in school so I stay home with them.  Being a stay-at-home-mom can be quite a challenge at times, but I love it.  It allows me to spend more time with the kids and do some writing when the baby is asleep.  Ever since I was a child, I liked to write and have been devouring as many books as I can get my hands on.  Fun fact: red heads are pretty prevalent in my books. 
    5.       Your latest work in progress- Well, I recently published a short prequel called Cain, The Immortal: The Beginning and I am currently working on a longer book to follow that one.  I am also working on a short historical fiction piece.
    6.       When did you begin writing and why?  I don’t remember why I started writing, but I don’t ever remember a time where I didn’t like to write.  It’s always something I have enjoyed, but never dared to share with the rest of the world until my first novella, Balloons in the Yard, was released in January of this year.
    7.       What inspires you to write?- Random things really.  This one time I saw someone post that their neighbors randomly keep balloons tied in their yard for no apparent reason.  So I came up with the idea to write about a group of vampires that lived underground and lured children to their lair to keep for blood when they needed it and to turn into vampires when they were older.  That was how Balloons in the Yard was born.  The sequel, Venom, came about by just chatting with my husband.  He’s great to bounce ideas off of.  And yet another of my books, Stay With Me, came about because of a dream I had.  If you look around, you can find inspiration in such small things.
    8.       Are any of your books based on something personal that has happened in your life?  Yes.  The romance novella, Stay With Me, is personal for me because I was a single mom at one point so I know how difficult it is and that is basically what Valerie Gibson is, the main character.  This was a particularly difficult book for me to write because of my past experience.  However, not everything that happens to Valerie necessarily happened to me.
    9.       Who are some of your favorite authors?- First off, I love classical books, but my absolute favorite author has always been Jane Austen.  I read Shakespeare as a young teen as well.  Now I read books from Erica Stevens, Tara Brown, Anne Rice, and more.  There is no way for me to have just one favorite of that group.
    10.   Favorite book?- Pride and Prejudice.  It has been my favorite for at least 15 years now.
    11.   Would you change anything that has happened to you?- I think that although I have certainly had my share of bad to happen in my life, I would not necessarily change it because all of that made me who I am now.  However, I would have started publishing books much earlier, if I could change something.
    12.   Can you share some of your WIP?
    13.   What’s the hardest part of writing?  Formatting.  I am not very good at it.  And if you are still trying to get started, it can be hard to get your name out there too.
    14.   Do you have any advice for other authors?  Hang in there.  Sometimes being an author is a harrowing journey.
    15.   Do you have any other hobbies?   I love watching movies and reading books, but I also like to cook and sew (although I am not great on a sewing machine).
    16.   Favorite TV show and song?  I am a diehard Walking Dead fan.  Daryl Dixon is the only man in Hollywood who could be covered in blood and guts with women still swooning at his feet.  As for Michonne, she’s just awesome.

    Fast Fire Round Pick One:
    1.       Beard or No Beard?  Beard, for sure.  Who doesn’t like the Brawny Man with his plain shirt, hugging jeans, beard, and axe?
    2.       Long Hair or Short?  I could roll either way on that.
    3.       Sour or Sweet?         Both, together.
    4.       Tall or Short?            Either.  I’m more about chemisty.
    5.       Ice Cream or Candy?     I love ice cream, but if Reeses is considered candy, then I would choose that any day.  And I’m not one to be able to eat just one either.  I will eat a whole bag of the smaller Reeses.

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