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Dee's 5 heart review of Deepest Blues by Heidi Hutchinson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mike Osborn woke up in a hospital in Germany three years ago. He was breathing. They had saved him.

Double Blind Study has been through every rock and roll cliché ever contrived. When their drummer nearly dies from a drug overdose, everything changes. Life is important again. Living is important again.

No one knows that better than Mike. So why does he feel like even though he's breathing and he's happy, his heart isn't beating the way it should be? Maybe it never did.

When Mike meets Clarke Matthews for the first time, he knows he should stay away from her. He knows too much about her and what she's been through. But for the first time, his heart has found another with a rhythm that matches his own. Every beat explodes a beam of light to illuminate his darkness.

Mike's been living life raw, unplugged. He's close to a reckoning. When it all comes apart, and he's faced with every mistake he's ever made, will the darkness win out? Or will the steady drum of a healthy pulse finally pull him into the light for good?

I don't know what it was about Mike and Clarke's story that spoke to me on such an emotional and deeper level than the other stories, but I can tell you it did. I can tell you it did, because I cried. I cried for Mike, I cried for Paul and I cried for Clarke. This book was the same kind of feel as the other books, but yet different in a way. Deepest Blues was so much more about Mike and battling addiction, recovering, loss, guilt and cause/effect. Is it weird to be proud of a character? I found myself while reading this book being proud of Mike and how far he has come. And also kind of proud of the rest of the band for the support system they gave him, never walking away, never leaving him behind. I also found myself proud of MIke, yet disappointed at the same time when it came to Ilsa. Hence the crying. That moment in time, that one time, Sway witnessed it, I read it, I cried. My stomach dropped. It's SO real. It's so something that is a situation anyone can find themselves in, and most of us probably have. It's one of those times in life where you are reading a book, the scene pulls the feels from you and jogs a memory. You relate to the character. You remember those feelings. That's what Heidi did to me throughout this book. It's so much more than the band, and the music, and love. It is about growth and support, and recovery, and STRENGTH. You can't read this book and not see how strong Mike is for the path he chose, granted it took something horrible to get him on this path, but he's there. And he sticks to it. It takes a strong person to realize their faults or addictions, take the necessary steps to fix it, and stay on the up and up. But the same goes for Clarke. Two strong people, suffering a loss, battling internal issues, but taking the right steps to make themselves better before they can ever be better together. Such a beautiful thing. And the way Heidi delivers this story, you can't help but fall in love with Clarke, Mike and Sway too.

Deepest Blues stands out to me in this series to me because it's so different. It's on a different level than the other books in the series. It's the same amazing writing style that Heidi always deliver, and that I am always addicted to, that's no surprise. But this one is just so much deeper. I think you did amazing with this. 5 stars Heidi, 5 stars, no doubt in my mind.

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