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Pink Shades of Words

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Pink Shades of Words
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17 of Today's Best Selling Authors in Young Adult, New Adult & Romance came together to support Breast Cancer Research.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated towards Fifty Shades of Pink

Avon Breast Cancer Team- Santa Barbara, CA.
FIFTY SHADES OF PINK team is made up of a group of girlfriends who raise funds annually to participate in the Avon 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk in Santa Barbara, CA.
For one weekend in September, we wake up before the crack of dawn and dress in as much Pink as humanly possible and prepare to walk for 39.9 miles.
We suffer and laugh through: Blisters that are almost covering your entire foot and body parts you never realize you could get a blister on (ButtCrackGate 2013) Passing out in the triage medical unit Sleeping in a tent on the grass Taking the best mobile showers EVER Limping like old ladies Cursing at the curbs to get onto the sidewalk (Walk 39 miles and you will be cursing at them too).

We do this all in the hopes that no other Mother, Sister, Aunt or Friend will have to deal with Breast Cancer.

If you would like to make a direct donation, you can visit our page:
Like us on Facebook at:
Direct email to team captain:

What PINK SHADES OF WORDS means to its authors…

Tess Oliver

My contribution to Pink Shades of Words, "A Bend in the Road", is dedicated to my mom, Jutta Eva Walker, a true romantic who was never without a book on her lap or a smile on her face. She survived and escaped the horrors of Hitler's Germany, but she couldn't beat breast cancer. Let's find a cure.

Hilary Storm

This fundraiser is close to my heart. It meant a lot to me that I was asked and I didn't hesitate at all to say yes. It's great to be included in an anthology with a line up like it has!

J.L. Berg

Cancer was a strong theme in my first novel, When You're Ready and in September if last year, I set aside 20% of my net sales to donated to a cancer charity my readers chose. They almost unanimously picked the Breast Cancer Research Fund and with their help, I was able to make a difference. I wanted to continue that with Pink Shades of a Words. I've also been personally affected by the disease in many ways.

C.D. Reiss

Anything a writer can do to help such a great cause,'s kind of a no brainer!

Shayne McClendon

It's a cause I believe in helping with.

Jade C. Jamison

I love doing anything I can for a good cause. This is not the first time I've been able, as an author, to help out a worthy cause, and it won't be the last. Glorya asked and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Maggi Myers

I lost my mother-in-law to breast cancer in 2010, so being a part of this anthology meant honoring her battle and her legacy. We miss her every day.

Julie Richman

I am the mother of a cancer survivor. I am the friend of numerous Breast Cancer survivors. With funding, medical institutions worldwide are making great strides. It's my pleasure to do whatever I can to ensure funds are raised for those who can make a difference.

Gretchen de la O

I participated in Pink Shades of Words because I have friends and family who have been affected by this insidious disease. If sharing my words and stories helped raise some money and pushed mankind closer to a cure, then I'd do it over again and again. It is time to eradicate this crappy disease from the face of this earth!
I don't know if I ever told Glorya Hidalgo, thank you. If it wasn't for her selflessness, love, and huge heart, I may never would have had a chance to be a part of something greater than my life experiences. She made this possible and to that, I am eternally grateful to be involved with Pink Shades of Words.

Dani Hart

Honestly, I will contribute endlessly to any meaningful charity. I feel strongly that if you are in a position to help others you should.

J.B. McGee

As an author, I feel it is essential for me to give back to my community. As a woman, breast cancer is a real threat, so anything that I can do to help fund research is so critical.

CJ Roberts

As an author, I feel it is essential for me to give back to my community. As a woman, breast cancer is a real threat, so anything that I can do to help fund research is so critical.

Jessica Sorensen

I chose to participate in Pink Shades of Words because it's such a good cause that I really wanted to help with.

JL Brooks

I contributed to honor my best friend Shana who was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer at 6 months pregnant. She has always been a champion in everything I do and the strongest woman I have ever met.

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