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Avoiding Amy Jackson by N.A Alcorn Blog Tour Review/Author Interview and Giveaway!

      Avoiding Amy Jackson (The Infamous Series #2)

Meet Amy Jackson. An outspoken, raunchy, in-your-face, loudly inappropriate ER Nurse who makes a career out of indulging. 

One-night stands have always been her thing. Commitment and relationships are two words that are not in her vocabulary. 

Amy doesn't have dreams of soul mates and white picket fences. She adamantly refuses to even consider the idea of getting married and starting a family. She’s also obstinate in allowing a certain physician to get on her good side…

James Williams. A cocky, smug, too-damn-good-looking orthopedic surgeon who has his sights set on the very feisty Amy Jackson. He is more than intrigued and ready to do whatever it takes…

“I want this woman. I’m the type of guy who will fight for what he wants until he gets it. I will take my time with Amy. I won’t rush her. I will continue to slowly slide myself into her life until she realizes that I belong there. And then…I won’t let her go.”

This is Book Two in The Infamous Series.

There are times that I read a book and chuckle, Then there are times I read a book and am shaking with laughter and suddenly realize that the moisture I feel on the bed is in fact pee. I have peed my pants/shorts from laughing so hard. Don't judge me, it happens. And ok I didn't really pee myself, luckily I ran to the bathroom and unloaded, how embarrassing would that be for my kids to go to school and be like "yeah my mom still pees in bed." The kids would have your mama jokes for my kids for daaayys. I have to avoid doing that to them at any cost. Unless you know it benefits me, then its game on LOL

When I read Ellen's story (review here) I laughed so hard I cried. I wanted to read Amy's story because, she reminds me a lot of the single me. I have stories for days. While reading this I was continually laughing, I could see the scenarios in my head. I didn't know if Nat would be able to make this book as funny as Ellen's. Man did she ever. There is this scene that involves a sock and an asshole that needs releasing. Or the scene were people are trying to enjoy yoga but tattle-tits just had to get people riled up. There are just so many funny scenes. 

Ellen is a 29 yr old E.R. nurse who enjoys being single and hooking up with men. She avoids relationships like the plague. She is sarcastic and witty. She can be over the top but, she loves her friends and will do anything to take care of them. She has her BFF Ellen and her roommate Lizzy. They complete her and help her realize certain things along the way. They are the epitome of what friendship is. Then one day she goes to a charity event and meets Dr. James Williams. This is the day her whole life changes.

At first I was like okay so they will probs hook up, then figure out later they like each other and then they date......

NOPE! There is actually a lot of drama and hilarity before we see them even be friends. I mean for a while she was calling him Dr. Limp Dick. He slowly gets her to open up and trust him, even though she won't let him thrust her. 

Amy has a lot of issues she needs to work through. As she did, I laughed my ass off. She is the perfect woman. She can handle herself and all the men gravitate towards her. The fact that she is feisty, made me love her more. Oh man there is even a scene that involves anime porn. I can't even begin to explain that.

I have heard that some people did not like the book/books, for me I loved and enjoyed them. I get the authors sense of humor. Her characters remind me of my friends and myself. Amy does remind me of me. Now for the things that I was upset with. Okay well one thing I am upset with. Ummmm I was waiting eagerly to hear about the twitter relationship that Amy had annnnd I am still waiting! WHAT. THE. HELL? Nat we need to talk about this because I need closure damn it!

Natalie has proved that she knows how to write a story, a funny one at that. She is not just some fly by night author but one that has proven she can build her characters, give them personalities and still be able to connect with them. Well at least I could connect with them. I can not wait for Lizzy's story. She is finally coming out of her shell. The shenanigans that will ensue are sure to keep me laughing so I can not wait.

I gave this book
5/5 hearts
its just that funny. 

Thank you for being here at BBR's. How is everything? I (Sandie) brought the beer and after this interview you and I will be playing flip cup...mostly cuz you still owe me :)

I’m so excited to be here! But seriously, I’m pretty sure I should be thanking you guys… you brought the beer?

Ummm not so much as brought it, its more that we have a fridge full and a wine rack, cuz Dee loves her wine. Lets go into the lounge area to get comfy and start this bitch....errr interview.

Why did you choose to begin writing?
Writing has always been my first love and it’s always been an outlet for me. I honestly can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t have a journal. I actually started writing short stories about a crazy 
character named Ellen James over a year and half ago. I just couldn’t get that outrageous girl out of my head! I got a lot of really great feedback and responses…so I figured what the hell? Why not dedicate an entire book for her? So I did…and the rest is history. 

How did you come up with so many names for the male/female anatomy?
Did I really come up with that many names for cock and pussy? Are you sure you were reading the right books? Hehe. Let’s just say I’ve always been a lover of all things horny, pervy, and extremely 
And I love you even more because of those characteristics

Are your characters molded after anyone you personally know?
I wouldn’t say that I molded my characters after anyone in particular. They just are who they are. I’m sure certain life situations and/or relationships helped to inspire certain characteristics, but I didn’t write them with particular people in mind. 

Does your mom read your books and if so what does she say about them?
Yes and I have an awesome text message to show you exactly how she feels. This was after she read The Infamous Ellen James. 

Is it awkward knowing that people you work with may read your books?
Nah. If I cared what people thought I wouldn’t have written half of the crazy banter and ridiculous inner-monologues that I put in the Infamous Series. I never write with fear of how other people will perceive it. If I did that, the Infamous Series probably wouldn’t even exist. 

What is your favorite scene in each one of the books?

The Infamous Ellen James- I’d have to say my favorite scene was between Ellen and Trent. I loved the first “Dr. Hammer” conversation. I just loved their flirtatious banter. It’s this awesome twist of adorable and sexy.

Avoiding Amy Jackson- My favorite scene is definitely between Amy and James. The “Good Morning Wood” conversation. I just loved how cocky and smug James was despite the fact that Amy was being 
a complete crab-ass. That man just had a way of handling her perfectly. I’m still not sure how he was so damn patient. 

I love Amy and Ellen, their relationship cracks me up. What inspired you to write a friendship like Dee and I? wait were you spying on Dee and I? (kidding)
Haha! I think there are a lot of girls out there that have a relationship similar to Ellen and Amy. They are the ultimate best friends. Doesn’t everyone have a cum twat or labia face in their lives? I will say that the dynamics of Ellen and Amy’s friendship reminds me of the my best friend Mo and I. She’s definitely my favorite cum twat. 

I laugh at the nicknames for the dr's like Dr. Thrust me. Where do you come up with this stuff?
Who knows! I’m a complete weirdo and my brain is full of nonsense! 

During the writing process do you ever feel like WTF are these characters doing? 
Um Yes. I think I had the most WTF moments during Amy’s book. The threesome in the bar bathroom and the terrible oral sex with Moby are two scenes that definitely had me doing that. I’m telling ya, Amy 
Jackson gave me a run for my money!
Oh man I laughed so hard with the Moby scene...I was like really your getting eaten out and your rambling off in your head, now you know that is horrible oral sex!

Who is an author that you feel has inspired you?
There are so many fantastic authors out there! I’m not sure where to even start! I think the ladies that have inspired me most are all of my IRAC gals. If you haven’t met all of the authors who are a part of the Indie Romance Author Chicks…you need to! I feel so blessed to be a part of a group of women who are positive, inspiring and constantly keeping me laughing on a daily basis. 

-------LIGHTNING ROUND------

Hard or slow?
HARD. Always, hard. 
Same but with hair pulling/chocking and spanking

Shower or bed?

Pool or ocean?

whipped cream or chocolate syrup?
Whipped cream

Tattooed bad boy or Biker?
Tattooed bad boy

Best time for sex...morning or night time?
Anytime. There is never a bad time for sex. 
*High five* that's what I am saying!

quickie or marathon?

Oddest place you have had sex?
Ha! Hahahahahahahahah! Ummmmmmm….I seriously can’t even answer this! It’s too weird and my mom will probably read this. 
You're so telling me after this, or after a lot of beer!

Handcuffs or blindfold?

Thank you so much for being here with us. Now lets go to the back room and test out the new poles we had installed and drink our asses off, feel free to call Dr. Thrust me and James if you would like LOL

30 minutes later…

“Ladies, I’d like you to meet two friends of mine. This is Trent and James.” N.A. introduces the two gorgeous men who just walked into the room. Sandie and Dee are pleasantly surprised. 

“You didn’t tell us your friends were beautiful. The pleasure is most definitely all mine, ladies.” James responds with a megawatt grin. 

Sandie smiles and Dee giggles as James wraps them both up in a huge hug. 

Trent glances over at him and shakes his head with amusement. “God, you’re ridiculous. I can see why Amy wants to strangle you ninety percent of the time.” 

James chuckles and proceeds to walk to the end of the beer pong table that is set up and ready for action. “Come on man, you’re on my team.”

“That doesn’t seem fair. We’ll kick their asses at beer pong.” A small smirk crosses Trent’s lips as he walks over to James’s end of the table. 

“Bring it, assholes.” Sandie announces with pure confidence.

Dee laughs and stands next to Sandie, ready to give Trent and James the ultimate beat down in beer pong. 

“You guys are playing strip beer pong, by the way.” N.A. updates the two smug men who have no idea what’s about to hit them. 

“Hell yeah!” Dee and Sandie cheer loudly and high-five each other. There’s nothing like the possibility of seeing two hot physicians stripping down to their birthday suits to get you excited. 

“What?” Both say simultaneously. 

N.A. nods her head yes in response and can hardly hide the smile from her face. 

“Uh…I don’t think Ellie would be too happy about that.” Trent hesitantly replies. 

“That’s really sweet that you’re taking her into consideration, but it was her idea.” A huge smile covers N.A.’s mouth as she watches Trent’s jaw nearly drop to the floor. 

“Huh? Her idea?” James asks with confusion. 

“Well it was both Ellen and Amy’s idea actually.” N.A. adds as she walks towards the two very shocked men. She pulls out her cellphone and shows them the recent text message conversation she had with 
their significant others. 

“Make them play strip beer pong and promise us that you’ll get documentation of this epic event.” Trent reads one of the text messages from Ellen out loud. Amusement flashes across his face. “My girl is pure evil. I’m definitely going to get her back for this.” 

Sandie and Dee start laughing loudly when the words strip beer pong come out of the Trent’s mouth. 

“Oh I can’t wait to see this!” Sandie yells. “I hope you’re wearing extra layers or else Dee and I will have you two naked in no time.” 

“What did Amy say?” James grabs the phone from Trent and starts scanning through the text messages. 

“What the hell?” He glances up at N.A. and directs his scowl her way. 

She holds her hands in the air “Hey, don’t get pissed at me.”

“Amy is requesting pictures of my cock. My girlfriend…wants other women to beat me at beer pong so they can get me naked and send her pictures of my cock. Do I understand this correctly?” James asks 
with hilarity in his gorgeous green eyes. 


James ponders the entire situation for a few seconds and finally responds with, “Well…let the games begin.” He looks over at Trent. “Don’t fuck this up.” 

Trent laughs and gives him the middle finger. “Ladies, since I’m a gentleman, you can go first.” 

N.A. sits down in a chair, phone in hand, and ready to document every spectacular moment of the events that are about to go down. She knows just how good Sandie and Dee are at beer pong. They are 
ridiculous. If the Olympics had beer pong as a sport, no doubt these two women would win gold. Trent and James have no idea what they’re in for. 

Sandie and Dee start the first round by both making their throws. The two ping-pong balls are rolled back to them after Trent and James chug their beer and remove an article of clothing. Trent chooses a 
shoe while James jumps right into the game by removing his t-shirt. 

“Dayuuuuuuum,” Dee mutters under her breath. 

Sandie takes a nice long look at James’s bare, muscular chest and smiles. The man is seriously built. 

She could practically grate chees on his abs and prominent V muscle. “I think this might be my favorite interview.” 

A smug grin appears on James’s lips as he notices the reactions he’s receiving. Trent stares at him and shakes his head. “You are such an idiot.” 


Trent glances over at N.A. and then whispers to his very unaware friend. “I can guarantee that N.A. is recording all of this. You know how much Amy loves videos…” He trails off and let’s James think on 
that last statement for a minute. “So maybe you shouldn’t look so fucking excited about other women checking you out.” 

“Oh.” That’s the only response that manages to come out of James’s mouth. 

“Cut the chit-chat, ladies.” Dee shouts towards the other end of the table before taking another shot…which she makes. Sandie high-fives Dee then throws her next shot. She sinks it into one of the red 
solo cups effortlessly. “Hell yeah! Keep stripping boys.” 

“Son of a bitch.” Trent mumbles after he drinks another cup of beer. He removes another shoe and James takes a lesson from his book and does the same. 

The game continues with Sandie and Dee nailing every shot. James and Trent have yet to get a turn. 

“This fucking sucks,” James grumbles in annoyance. He is standing completely naked and his hands are the only thing preventing him from being full-frontal in front of the girls from Boyfriend Book Reviews. 

Trent is thankful he is still in his boxer briefs. “The fact that you go commando is disturbing.” He tells James. 

“What? Amy prefers commando.” He answers with a smirk. 

Trent raises an eyebrow at his naked friend. “Please tell me you at least forgo the whole commando routine when you’re at work.” 

“I can tell you that, but I’d be lying.” James says before turning back towards Sandie and Dee.

“You and Amy are so fucking ridiculous.” Trent adds.

James smile gets even wider at that statement. “I know…it’s awesome.” 

The game continues on with Sandie and Dee making their last four shots…Trent and James went the entire game without even getting a turn. Now both men stand completely naked, their hands are the 
only thing covering up their goods. 

“This game was completely fucked. I feel like we were set up. It’s like N.A. hired professional beer pong players…” Trent says while throwing a knowing look N.A.’s way. 

All three women start laughing loudly while they continue to take several pictures with their phones. No woman would pass up the opportunity to see these two men practically naked. It’s very apparent they spend a lot of time in the gym. 

“Well take a look at this, Ellen. I think we came at just the right time.” Amy announces loudly as her and Ellen walk into the room. 

“You are in so much trouble.” Trent uses one hand to point to Ellen. 

She giggles and jingles her keys in the air. “Don’t get too cocky, I’m the one with the keys.” 

“James, I think you might be a bigger hit on YouTube than Ellen.” Amy informs him.

“YouTube?” he questions with raised eyebrows. 

She only nods her head in response. “Alright ladies, we owe you drinks tonight for your awesome beer pong skills. Ellen and I know this great little place. It’s ladies night and lap dances are only thirty bucks. Grab your shit and let’s roll!” Amy shouts with enthusiasm. 

“Lap dances?” Both Trent and James question loudly. 

“Don’t worry we called you two a cab. I’ll be home later tonight, sweetheart.” Ellen tells Trent with a knowing smile on her face. She eyes his naked form with appreciation. “You should stay just like that, baby. I’m sure I’ll be geared up and ready for Dr. Hammer when I get home.” 

Trent tries to grab her with his one free hand, but she slides out of the way. “I’ll be home by two at the latest.” Ellen offers before heading out of the door, leaving a very shocked and naked Trent. 

Amy blows James a kiss. “Bye, baby!” She shouts before following Ellen’s lead. 

N.A. waves good-bye with a knowing a look and can’t help the laughter that bursts out of her lips as she strides out of the door. 

“Thanks for the game guys. We had an awesome time.” Sandie announces before grabbing her purse and pulling Dee along with her. 

James and Trent are the only two left behind. Naked, shocked, and a little bit pissed off. 

“What. The. Fuck.” James says to Trent. 

“I know. Get dressed. We’re going to crash their little strip club party.” Trent replies with determination. 

“Where in the hell are our clothes, man?” James asks with irritation. 

Trent glances around the room. “You have got to be kidding me…”

Thanks Sandie and Dee for this awesome opportunity! I love you ladies! <3 N.A.

N.A. Alcorn is a wife, mother, labor and delivery nurse, writer, and blogger. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and three-year-old son, Sid. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, running, and having inappropriate conversations with her blog besties. She also has a serious addiction to music and her all-time favorite band is Incubus. Her ability to eat an ungodly amount of Reese’s Cups in a fifteen minute time frame would quite literally blow your mind. 



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