Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dee's review of Outlaw Kind of Love by Nicole Snow

Outlaw Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC RomanceOutlaw Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance by Nicole Snow
My rating: 3.5 of 5 hearts

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Rachel Hargrove's sheltered life comes to a screeching halt when an unthinkable family betrayal turns her over to a savage motorcycle gang. Just when it seems her nightmare fate is sealed, a beautiful savior appears, the Vice President of the rival Prairie Devils MC. With her new protectors, Rachel faces a whole new life she never could've imagined...

Jack “Throttle” Shields never wanted an old lady. One look at the beautiful angel cowering in his enemy's clutches changes all that. Starting a war with the Raging Skulls MC to haul Rachel onto his bike and into his bed is just the beginning.

When Jack stakes a claim, he goes all in. War with the Skulls and a sinister Mayor is just the price of making Rachel his, and only his. But love invites blood and tragedy in an outlaw's life.

Just when it's looking up for his MC and his new woman, a savage attack blows the lid off everything. Revenge possessed Jack makes Rachel take a hard look at how far she's willing to go to surrender her heart.

Will she weather an outlaw's storm, or will the nightmare return – this time for good?

don't know if you've scrolled the reviews and seen they're all over the place for this book, but they are. Don't let it deter you from reading this book. Let me tell you how I felt. I read a lot of MC books, I love them. Especially the dirty raw gritty one. I read this one in one sitting because the storyline really did draw me in. The whole daddy sold me thing got me right away. Then you add a club war and I'm rearin' to go. There were some things that were a little hard to accept. Rachel does adapt extremely quickly to club life. And they're club isn't really that bad. They only have two club sluts instead of handfuls like other MC books. No biggie. She adjusts quickly bc she feels she has a purpose. Okay cool. Jack/throttle does let her call him Jack. He never corrects her or asks her to call him throttle. That's a little different but okay. She gets a upset seeing jack with one of he sluts before either of them admitted how they felt. That was kinda eh for me. She really had no right and let's be honest, he's Vp. He doesn't need permission. But he had feelings for her. Ok. They don't talk with too much foul language like you come to expect from an MC book. And the club war will break your heart. It's just the relationship between them that needs to be a little more alpha. A little more dirty. The men need to be a little more grittier for my taste. But all in all it was a decent book. One I would recommend for someone who isn't into the dark dark MC books. But next time. You let Rach get even with Rita. And get even good. And I mean gooooooood. That to me was the only thing missing. 

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