Saturday, March 8, 2014

His Forgotten Bride Blog Tour

His Forgotten Bride 
Always a Bridesmaid and Never a Bride? Hailey Ryan wakes up in the hospital with no memory of her brother's wedding, but one of her own! Nothing else seems clear and the last two years of her life have vanished except for one thing - Jackson McCabe. Look But Don't Touch... For more than ten years, Jackson has been told that Hailey is off limits. With her brother off on his honeymoon and no other family to speak of, Jackson has no choice but to step up and take care of Hailey. But how soon before this pretend marriage turns in to something more?

 When he went up to bed hours later, he noticed that there was no light on under the door to Hailey’s room and felt relief that there was no chance of interacting with her and that he’d be able to rest peacefully. In his room, he stripped down to his boxers and was getting ready for bed when he heard Hailey scream. He nearly pulled the door to the master bedroom off its hinges to get to her. Once at her side, he found her sitting up in the bed, breathing hard. He pulled her tight against him, his own heart racing as fast as hers. “Are you okay?” he asked frantically, “What happened?” Hailey was terrified. For the last several nights her dreams had been disturbing, but tonight she actually remembered it. “I dreamt about the attack, I think.” Jackson stilled and waited for her to continue. “It was so dark and I remember being so scared. I was running and running, but he was chasing me. It seemed like my car kept getting further and further away even though I was running toward it! I had my bouquet in my hand and I didn’t want to let it go and…” “Sshh…,” he said. “It’s all right now; don’t talk about it. You’re safe and that’s all that matters.” She pulled back and looked at him. “Maybe I’m getting my memory back,” she said. “I’ve been dreaming weird things all week, but this was so clear and it felt so real.” She swallowed. “Jackson, it was just so…terrifying.” He cupped her face and looked down at her, his voice gentle and calm. “It’s over now. He can’t hurt you; I’m here and nothing is going to happen to you. I promise.” He pulled her close again and she relaxed against him. When he felt like she was finally calm, he released her and rose from the bed. She reached for his hand. “Please don’t go,” she whispered, her blue eyes, so round in her face, and filled with emotion. “Please, Jackson, I don’t want to be alone.” He knew that he should leave; it was morally the right thing to do. But as she lay there in the bed pleading with him to stay because she was scared, well, that changed things. He sighed. “I’m trying to do the right thing here, Hailey,” he said gruffly. “I’m trying to be the good guy.” She sat back up in the bed and then raised herself up on her knees. The blankets pooled around her and exposed that all she was wearing was a white ribbed tank top and hot pink panties. Jackson almost swallowed his tongue. She reached up and looped her arms around his neck. “Why do you have to be the good guy?” she whispered. “You’re my husband and I need you.” She licked her lips and the sight of the tip of her tongue fascinated him; her breasts pressed against his bare chest were torture. She moved closer and smiled when she felt his erection pressing against her belly. “Please,” she whispered again and Jackson was lost. He claimed her mouth with less finesse than he cared for, but his need for her was too great; he had held himself in restraint for far too long. She met him, equaling his passion, taking him, running her fingers up through his hair and pressing her body as close as she could to his without physically being joined with him. He leaned forward and helped Hailey to lie back down on the bed and then covered her body with his. His tongue mated with hers, their legs twined together briefly before she wrapped those long, gloriously smooth limbs around his hips. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” he whispered against her throat, anxious to taste every inch of her.” “Yes, we should,” she replied, gently nipping at his earlobe. “The doctor didn’t say anything about us not being able to make love.” He claimed her mouth to keep her from talking, he didn’t want to think about doctors or injuries; hell, and he didn’t want to think of anything except having Hailey.

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