Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Happy Birthday Sandie

We wanted to give you something special so Dee and I tracked down Justin Timberlake. We held him prisoner until he agreed to make this sign for you. 

We also made you a birthday cake, so don't forget to make a wish!!!!

Then we found random men to make videos for you on your birthday.. they may or may not been held hostage with the sex toys we found at your desk...

Just kidding. We just want you to smile because today is your special day and we love you oh so very much!!! 
You know what happens now, don't you??? It's time to PAR-TAY.. so get up and dance!

  A birthday isn't complete without fireworks.. cause baby you're a firework!

 We lov-ah you Whex!

Enjoy your birthday you awesome awesome lady! 

Shannon and I tried to coordinate pole dances for you... well you know how well that went...

I think we should stick to drinkin'
Happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday My dear friend! I miss you and can't wait to see you again!!