Monday, October 20, 2014

His by Dawn Robertson Blog Tour and Review

By Dawn Robertson
Release Date: September 28, 2014


I am a Failure.

I am a Wife.

I am a Business Woman.

I am Bold.

I am Broken.

I am Lonely.

I am Strong.

The only person who has ever fought for me, 

will only fight with me now. After finally 

letting my walls crumble for a man, he has 

destroyed me from the inside out. I should 

have known that a broken bitch like me 

would never get a happily ever after. What 

did expect?

But what he doesn’t realize is, I am not going 

to let him walk away so easily. He turned my 

world upside down, and now I will do the 

same to his. I just pray our daughter doesn’t 

become collateral damage. 

I am Seven James-Parker, and this is the 

second part to my story.

Shannon’s Review
This is a sad review for me. It’s an end to the Hers Series. I will miss Levi and Seven. They were two people that I loved seeing together. And now it’s ending. *Sniff sniff*
If you haven’t read the books leading up to getting some more of Levi actually showing his feelings. This book is a page turner for sure. There were some great twists which I will not indulge on due to the fact you need to read it. You will thank me later.
This book is great because not only do you get Levi’s story you get the rest of Seven’s too. Both characters grow so much in this book. It made me smile at the end knowing it ending on a good note. I can’t say too much because I would give it completely away so I will say this again read all the hers series. Seriously.
By the way you are introduced to new characters who happen to be bikers and happen to be getting books too. Be on the lookout.
I am giving this book 5 hearts.

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