Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Holding on to Love by AE Neal, review by Dee

Holding on to love

There is always a moment in your life when you have to break up with the past in order to move on...

Allyson Monroe has everything she's ever wanted out of life. She has a promising career, a brilliant best friend, and she's engaged to the man of her dreams. In one heart wrenching moment, Ally’s perfect world is turned upside down. As she succumbs to the heartache and tragedy that has left her utterly devastated, Ally relies on her best friend’s support more than ever. Eventually, she begins to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and move forward. However, the one thing she can’t seem to repair, is the huge void left in her heart.

Local hockey star and bar owner, Brody McCabe, has had many titles bestowed upon him in his life — "Nice Guy" was never one of them. After a horrendous childhood, the only kind of love he seems to be capable of, is that of material possessions and his three staples — women, whiskey and wealth. Brody is completely unaware that the universe plans on handing him the hat-trick of a lifetime.

After a chance encounter, Allyson and Brody are baffled by the heated connection they have towards each other. Will they be able to overcome the tragedies of their pasts, or can they grasp and hold on to a new love and a future together?

Dee's Review
We have some major players in this book. We've got the broken lover, the jilted spoiled bitch, the brother, the protective best friend and the infamous playboy. I know you're wondering how this all plays out. Well, calm down and let me explain.

 Alli has had some major major heartbreak. Like world shattering heart break. She's had to deal with a lot, alone. And she's bounced back as best she can, with Kennedy by her side of course. She's one of those amazing never leave your side always watch over you best friends. I mean, I totally think she was modeled after me, because I am just that awesome too.. JUST KIDDING.. I am awesome, but Kennedy is amazeballs.  Her brother Zac is in a band that Alli and Kennedy go see. She meets this guy she literally ran into the night before. But with the loss and heart ache she's lived through, she fights her attraction. She doesn't want to lose again. Hell, who could blame her. I sure as shit don't. And well, Brody is a famous hockey player. So he doesn't do the settling down thing. He does the lets fuck in the bathroom thing. Alli is all Yikes

 but I'm all WOW! Okay..

 The kicker is... when Alli turns out to be more than he expects, he fights it too. Funny how everyone around them can see how they care, but they refuse to accept it. Silly silly kids. And Sera. The manipulative spoiled rich bitch who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Let me just say this. I hate chicks like that. I just want to smack them... right upside their face..with a muddy shoe..I know, I'm brutal.

 Birthday party gala. Love he idea. But by the end, a certain Aerosmith song was playing in my head. Yeah, I'm gonna keep you on your toes with that one. But even now, I'm signing it!! So with all the shit Sera throws their way, and with her broken heart- can they both love again? Really .. You know I'm not telling you. You know we don't do the spoiler thing.  I liked it. I liked how their stories fit together. I like how he's her savior in more than one way. You know how sometimes you just need a HEA. This was that book for me. I give this book 3.5 hearts.

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