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Where The Ivy Grows by SK Quinn and J Lerman

 Where The Ivy Grows by SK Quinn and J Lerman

*Before I start my review, let me remind you that this is Book 2 in the Devoted series. You will want to be sure to read Ivy Lessons first.

When Sophia first meets Hollywood actor and Ivy College teacher, Marc Blackwell, she never dreams they’ll share a forbidden, obsessive relationship. Now, dawn is breaking and they've decided to tell the world of their affair. As paparazzi hound Sophia’s every move, Marc steps up his control – dominating Sophia in every way possible, and drawing her into his dark world of intensity and passion. Soon, Sophia is led into Marc’s troubled past, and shown the shadowy secrets that torment him. However, Marc’s desire to discipline Sophia awakens her deepest fears, and she realizes it’s time to disobey.

Dee's Review:
Much like Sophia, I am obsessed with Marc Blackwell. Once you start this series you will understand why. But in this book, I became full fledged obsessed. So obsessed, I read this in one day. I could not get enough. I could not put it down. Their relationship is out now, I had to know how everyone would handle it. Including them. Well, really Marc. How was he going to handle the loss of control. I felt like around every corner there was drama. (and I loved it) Just when I thought things were straightened out and going to run smoothly.. BAM! Nope! Whether it was with her play, or her classmates, or their relationship.. 

And when she starts to realize she needs to make her own decisions and stand up to him... I am not joking, this was me...
Then when you add the villain of the story, who is paparazzi no less, Giles Getty... I proceeded to look and feel like this..

He takes villain to a whole other level. There is not one nice thing I can say about this man. The things he does.. bad, bad man. He is the epitome of a villain and boy do you hate him. Now, Marc and Sophia, there is plenty to say about them.. but I can't ruin it. I can't say enough good things about this book. It kept me hooked from page 1 until the very end and left me longing for more. More Marc. More Sophia. More acting and learning. More information. Did I say more Marc? oh, oops.. More, more, more, more. I will tell you this. The way the story ends, this was exactly how I felt..
I can't wait for book 3. Can. not. wait. Sophia and Marc are just such a great couple. And she grew so much in this story, I can't wait to see where this takes us. I highly recommend this book. I give it 5 hearts.

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Book 1: Ivy Lessons

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