Friday, April 19, 2013

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Dee's Review
Let me start by saying how much I loved beautiful bastard. I mean who doesn't love the original panty ripper. But now we meet Max Stella and I think he gives his Mate, Bennett, a run for his money. This man should be every woman's fantasy man.  Not only is he caring, smart, gorgeous and just all around lovely, but holy cow... experienced is putting it lightly. Can he write a book? Oh wait.. He kinda did.. Moving on..There were plenty of times where I had to stop and look around thinking "did it just get hot in here? That was HOT!"

 His originality in his dates with Sara are stellar, adding a bit of mystery to the whole thing. Man has skills. Heck, Max makes me want to visit museums and libraries..that's never happened.. There were also plenty of times where my jaw dropped and all I could think was.. can you do that... there???

He's a supposed playboy.. When really, the man just needed the right woman. Sigh... Don't they all? That's where Sara Dillon comes in.  Fresh from a cheating heartbreak, she isn't looking for commitment.  No strings attached, a man should be able to do that right? Can women do that? Sara seems to thinks so.  So that's that she outlines for Max. Who wouldn't want that after being in a relationship where someone cheats for as long as she was? Can she still explore her hidden  wants and desires and not be caught? Can max restore her faith in love and relationships and men? Read and you shall find out. I thought this book gave Beautiful Bastard a run for its money. I loved it. There wasn't a minute during reading this book where I wasn't pulling for Max.  Hoping that he and Sarah work. That they find a way to be together despise the chaos thrown their way. Let me just tell you when I closed the last page at the end.. this was how I felt. It's that good.

 I give this 5 hearts.. A must read. 

Sandie, we need to add Max to the banner... Sandie!.. Sandie!... Has anyone seen her?  San.. oh.. there you are.. I think we should add Mmmmmmax to the banner on the blog. Because he is mmmm mmmm mmm good. He might even be my new fave. 

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