Friday, April 5, 2013


Sandie: Keys...*searching purse* Check
Lip gloss *looks in mirror* 
Oh yeah, I look good and I am ready to blow this joint. I need a few days off so I figure why not leave now....Crap before I leave I need someone to take over....hmmmm *grabs cell phone, dials number* 

Sandie: Need a huge favor....All you have to do is answer some questions....yesss.....OMG nooo....ok questions are on the desk, have fun.
*laughing* Guest on their way...Check...see ya later peeps, have fuuuunnn!!

What the fuck up!!! It’s Griffin! As if you girls didn’t already know that. You probably saw my schlong from a mile off and knew instantly that I was about to blow your ever-lovin’ minds. Well, sit back ladies, and get ready to take me in. I’m about to leave you breathless, panting, throbbing, and begging for more. But if you ask real nice, I might finish you off. Maybe.

*Sits at desk, grabs questions*

What is your favorite position?
Fuck. Do I have to choose just one? Cause I’m really fond of multiple positions. I like to change things up.
One word that best describes you?

Any sexual fantasies no one else knows about?
I’m pretty sure everyone knows my fantasies. I’ve got no secrets. And…I think I’ve done most of them. Except for skydiving sex. That one is still on my list.

If you suddenly found yourself turned into a woman, how would you spend your day?
Holy….wait…I can’t answer that just yet. I’m too distracted by the thought of my hotness being transformed into a woman. Jesus, I’d look good. I’d just sit in a tub and fondle myself all day. Honestly, I don’t know how girls get anything done. I mean, you have breasts! How do you glance down and not touch yourself? I’m mystified by that. 

If S.C Stephens decided to do a spinoff why would you want her to choose you over any other of the D-Bags?
Pffft…please. It’s not like any of the other guys are interesting enough to have a book made about them. I mean, really? It’s a no brainer.

Griffin most people wouldn't let anyone near there privates with a needle! What made you get ur cock pierced ?
It looks fucking awesome! And chicks dig it. And it’s an ice breaker. Nothing like whipping out a dick to liven up the party.

What do you love most about Anna ?
Ah, fuck. That girl gets me. You know, I’ve been told I’m kind of nasty…dirty…but she gets it. And she totally gets off on it. I swear, she’s even dirtier than I am! But, uh, it’s more than that. It’s, um, well, I don’t really know how to describe it, other than, no other girl makes me feel like she does.

Describe a perfect date?
Anna, me, a tube of lube and a camera. Done.

Have you always been talented with your hands or has it required a lot of practice?
Oh, I practice all the time…it’s taken years to perfect these fingers of mine. And trust me when I say, the time spent was well worth it.

Live, Love, Laugh and Read (Nat) said to quote her on this "I was once in the Guiness Book of World Records for being able to stick an entire pop can in my mouth." Griffin do you have any special talents?
Um, what? Did you ask me a question? I’m having trouble focusing for some reason. And I’m really thirsty now too. Somebody get me a pop or something. And a tube of lube.

*Sandie runs back in office*...Damn it I forgot


I don't even want to know do I?

Thank you S.C. Stephens for allowing Griffin to ah, leave me soda cans and lube? (smh) and taking over the blog. 

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