Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Test by B.A. Sherman Cover Reveal

The Test

Book 1 in the Greg Dorn Series

B.A. Sherman

55,000 words

Expected Release Date: May 1st 2015

The Test opens in what appears to be a hospital room where a patient is being injected with
some sort of fluid. In the next scene, Greg, a 17-year-old living in the small town of Parsons, Kansas, is devastated when he loses his mother and sister in a horrific car accident caused by an escaped mental patient.

To put behind him the desolation and 

loss he feels and also to get road rage 

drivers off the streets, Greg becomes a 

cop. He is good at it. During this time, 

life begins to turn around for him: he 

falls in love and marries Mica, and finds 

a renewed passion for life. The family 

moves to Denver and Greg takes a job 

as a police officer there.

As Greg works the mean streets of 

Denver, a dark feeling inside of him 

begins to bubble up. This unexplainable 

thing, which he tries to keep buried, 

erupts with full force and with some 

deep dark strength, it now controls him.
Greg becomes obsessively driven by this inner voice telling him to go out and kill. First it is road-rage drivers, then anyone whose looks he doesn’t like. Unable to control the voice and the urges, he cannot help alienating his wife and daughter, who eventually leave him and move back to Kansas. Greg begins screwing up at work on the force and increasingly getting into arguments. One black night out on a job, he ends up cornered by his own officers and is shot. Evil has been conquered…or has it all just been a test?
Book 2 of the Greg Dorn Series continues the story. Greg doesn’t die from that gun shot. But his life is changed forever. What he doesn’t know and readers only get a glimpse of in Book 1 is that the series is so much more than a tale of good versus evil. A gruesome diabolical plot is underway and Greg is the unwitting weapon.

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B.A. Sherman’s passion is writing psychological thrillers. He lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter and, when not writing novels, he is a police officer in Denver. He has been in law enforcement for 24 years. The Test is his first full-length novel.                
          The short stories and books he writes are based on experiences he’s had over the years, with “a heaping spoonful of fiction,” he says. He has published one short story, The Truth, currently available on         
          When he’s not writing and working, Brad enjoys hunting, camping, fishing and skiing. These are areas he plans to write about in the future, perhaps incorporating them into a thriller or two. 

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