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Indebted by JL Beck Blog Tour and Review

“ Alzerro “Zerro” King.. my God! That man is just.. don't know how to describe him. Take Q from Monsters in the Dark, take Caleb from Captive, take Fox from Destroyed, take Antonio Spinelli from Spin and Jessie from This Man and you have our Zerro. Mind blowing, right?! “
- Arijana, Goodreads Reviewer
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“ Bree is the epitome of innocence...or is she? Her depth of character, compassion, and comprehension of life's challenges have been hard earned. The love and loss she has endured will serve her well as she offers up her life to 'el ray' in a valiant exchange and effort to save her father from certain death. Never did she expect to lose her heart to a man she finds repulsive and without remorse. But the heart wants what it wants...and one can discover the darker aspects of themselves when placed in certain situations. “
- Jennifer, Goodreads Reviewer
It was suppose to be a debt settled, just a price being repaid.
Instead love was born...
...from unpaid dues it bloomed.
See, that's the funny thing about love, you never expect it.
After losing her mother to cancer a few months prior to graduating, Bree Forbes was finally able to take some time away and enjoy her college days. That all changed in a blink of an eye the moment Bree came home for break. She didn't expect to find her dad strapped to chair, a gun pointed at his head.
Alzerro “Zerro” King wasn't a man to be messed with. Women flocked to him and men ran from him. He ruled the mafia with an iron fist and no one ever crossed him unless they wanted to pay the price. He believed the only way to pay for something, if unable to do so, was to do it in blood. Nothing got him harder than stringing someone up, and putting a bullet in their head.
That is until Bree.
One look is all it took for him to know she could pay for her father’s debt in many other ways… Ways that could get him hard.
Could a big city mafia king fall in love with the small town country girl? Would she be able to handle his dark and demanding ways? When push comes to shove, would Bree end up running only to be killed? Or would she sacrifice herself for love?
“ It’s a rough journey and it’s a dark story. There’s no fluff or gentleness. There’s just blood, sweat, and tears. You really need to have an open mind to understand every emotion you will feel. If you’re one of those people who only like reading fluffy HEAs, then this story is not for you. It’s gritty, toxic, violent, but among the violence and killings, love blooms. But it's betrayal and lies that will end those rare moments of happiness for Alzerro & Bree *sniff*. Indebted left me anxious, betrayed, angry, upset, hurt, lost, & empty. I am but a shell, waiting for book 2 after being utterly consumed by book 1 *sigh*. “ - Wendy, Goodreads Reviewer
Shannon’s Review
OMG this book ended way too early for me. J.L. Beck give me more please. It does end a cliffhanger so be prepared people.
First you meet Zerro and he is the biggest douche ever. He is also very vulnerable and gorgeous. This poor man has lots going on with him emotionally. More than he likes to admit.
He then gets his hands on Bree. Bree has owned up to a debt that her father owed. She is a very strong willed girl but knows when to keep her mouth shut.
This book has everything in it. It has suspense. It has some hot sex. It has a WTF factor as well. I seriously cannot wait for the next book.
I am giving this book 4.5 hearts.

Her eyes leave mine as she adjusts herself in the bed, her body rolling over as she pulls the covers up and over her head. I must have misread her. I thought for sure she was going to strike back with something.
“Are we done playing games already?” I taunt her, walking over to the bed and sliding into my spot. She scoots closer to her side, as if getting away from me is her number one priority. That’s too bad because getting closer to her is my number one priority.
Reaching out, I put my hand under the blanket and latch onto her arm. A squeal escapes her mouth as I pull her toward me. Of course she has to fight me.
“Let. Go. Of. Me,” she grits out every word as she tries to shake me off. Does she think she can win? Does she think I won’t hurt her?
I will…
I won’t…
“Nope.” I pull harder until she is on my side of the bed, and I am leaning over her. Our chests are pushed against one another’s, and her breaths are coming in at a rate that is way higher than normal…
“Stop,” she breathes out. It suddenly dawns on me that I know nothing about her, nothing other than her father owes me quite a bit of money. However, I am enjoying our current interaction too much to think much of it.
“Why?” I ask, cocking my head. I am not touching her, at least not like I want to be touching her.
“I don’t even know you. We don’t know each other.”
I laugh a full-on belly shaking laugh… “Then why the fuck would you even volunteer to come with me? You do realize that you, well, mostly your body, will be paying your father’s debt, don’t you? Every moan, groan, orgasm, and every spread of those legs will be payment.”
Her eyes dilate as her breaths become pants. She couldn’t have been that far gone; she had to have known that she would be coming here for so much more than just helping me. Suddenly, she finds her voice.
“I didn’t have any other option. I would rather be taken than lose my only other parent.” Something about what she says tugs at my heart and in turn pulls me out of the haze that is consuming me. I can tell myself over and over again that I don’t have a heart, but every word that comes from her mouth reminds me that I do.
“Roll over and go to sleep,” I grudgingly command, standing from the bed. She looks at me in confusion, wrinkles marring her beautiful face. I will give her that: she is beautiful unlike anything I am used to. Her face is soft, her cheeks full, and she radiates youthfulness. Her nose is small, and her teeth are straight and white. She is simple, but at the same time not so simple you wouldn’t notice her.
“Did I finally hit a sore spot?” she taunts, sitting up from her lying position. It is strange seeing a woman in my bed.
“No. You merely reminded me that I can’t care for the wounded, sick little puppies like yourself.” It is a knee jerking response to fire back a shitty remark.
I grab her, my touch gentle. She struggles against me, her elbow coming to land against my stomach. It doesn’t affect me, though. I have been shot at, punched, kicked, and beaten many-a-time.
“Stop,” I demand, pushing her back onto the bed. She squirms even more, as if she thinks she can actually get away. She needs to stop—she is making me hard with every scrape of her thigh against my cock.
Since she won’t stop, I decide to take matters into my own hands. I push my weight onto her, which in turn pushes my cock against her thigh. A gasp leaves her lips as her heart races under her shirt. I can hear it even without being against her chest.
“Get off of me!” she cries out. It sounds like a cross between a need and a hate. It’s as if she wants me in that moment, but at the same time wants me to go away. If that is the case, I completely understand.
“I know you want it. You want me as much as I want you. You want my cock inside your tight pussy, don’t you?” I push my arousal against her again, thrusting my hips in an upward motion.
She shakes her head no, but with every small thrust, she sighs as if it alleviates some of the pressure deep within. Her eyes darken, and her tongue dips out onto her bottom lip. She wants me. I know it, and she knows it. It is getting there that is going to be the hardest part.
“Let me fuck you… Let me satisfy all those desires deep inside that pretty little head of yours.” My hands caress her as I leave a kiss against her neck.
“You’re demented,” she hisses. She is on the edge, at the point where she wants it but she doesn’t. I just need to give her that last push into wanting…
“Yes, I fucking am,” I murmur against her ear as I suck it into my mouth. I hear her cry of pleasure, and I’ll be damned if my heart doesn’t speed up a little bit.
“This is wrong…” she utters between pants. I know why she thinks it is wrong, but I don’t care. She will have to understand and learn if she ever plans to make it in this life.
“Nothing is wrong. It’s merely what you think is right and wrong that has you confused.” I push her down, parting her legs with my own. Devouring her neck and ear, I wait for her to say the final words.
I may be a bastard, a ruthless killer even, but I am not one for taking women against their wills. There is always a tight, warm pussy that wants my cock. There is no need to take when it can be given by others.
author info
“ When your own character causes you to blush, you know you're doing a damn good job. Watch out for his dirty mouth, it'll get you every time. “
J.L. Beck is the Author of Bittersweet Revenge, Bittersweet Love, Bittersweet Hate, Bittersweet Symphony and Bittersweet Trust. She lives in Elroy, WI with her husband Brandon, and daughter Bella.
Since the moment she could reach the shelves on the bookshelf she’s been reading, thus influencing her to write. Her favorite books are those that leave an imprint on your soul. You know the ones that have you putting everything off because you have to find out what happens next.
When she’s not writing or reading (of course) you can find her picking up after her three year old daughter, or explaining to her husband why its unsafe to do something any other way, than the way your wife told you too.
Shes a huge fan of all things drama, with shows like The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow being some of her favorites. She’s addicted to all things social media, caffeine, and Starbucks.
“ In this particular scene, I wanted it to be evident that Zerro was struggling with who he was. Bree was getting under his skin and I needed to make it known, that he still held the control. ”
You know you want to. (Her words, not ours so it’s totally OKAY!)
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