Saturday, January 17, 2015

2nd Day! whoooo hoooo

                                           Who's excited?
I know I am! Are you? We made it through our first day of the author/ blogger spotlight tour. Did you enter the giveaway? Did you see yesterdays spotlighted Author? 
Yes? No?
Its okay if you missed yesterdays here click THIS and it will take you to yesterdays spotlight. You even have time to enter that giveaway!

Today we are spotlighting Holly's Red Hot Reviews Blog. Cuz we loves her! She is an amazing blogger who is always helpful and has the best blog posts. If you haven't heard of her blog check her out I promise you will not be disappointed.

Click on THIS link to see the Author Holly's spotlighting for the tour and for todays giveaway!!!

What made you want to be a blogger? 
I started reading a lot more after my mom passed away in 2011 as my escape and started sharing what I was reading on Facebook. After meeting other bloggers and readers I decided to start my own blog; it made it easier for them to follow along with what I was reading. 

What has been one of your most favorite books to review?  
Karina Halle’s Love, in Spanish. I read Love, in English on the flight to Book Bash and gushed to her about how much I loved Mateo and Vera’s story. Like, LOVED LOVED it! She had ARC opportunities for Love, in Spanish in NYC in October and I think I may have promised her my first
born during my fan girling.  I squealed and jumped when Mateo landed in my mailbox (it was a paperback ARC) 

What was your number one book of 2014 and why? ßis this a trick question? 
Ok, since it’s by the same author, this counts as one lol. Love, in English and Love, in Spanish (to be fair, LiS is a companion novel so it can totally count as one
book!!!) Mateo and Vera’s love story was angsty, and complicated as HELL and they couldn’t be more different, BUT they didn’t let their differences get in the way of how the other made them feel. Their love was deep and it was real.
No matter what BS came their way (and there was plenty) they never stopped loving each other.  I could FEEL their
love for one another deep in my chest *sigh* 

Who else do you have on the blog with you?
I blog solo

Do you post every day or every other day or certain times of the week? 
I used to have posts scheduled every day but I found myself getting burnt out, feeling like I was constantly setting p posts. Now I’ve cut back to every few days and I’m trying to focus on posting more reviews.

What is your favorite genre? 

You want readers to come to your blog so what do you do to separate it from other blogs? 
I try to insert my personality into my posts whether it’s sarcasm, snark, or humor. IDK I just try to let my blog be a
reflection of me in real life. 

What do you love about blogging?
I love finding the hidden gems of books. I love talking to other bloggers, readers, and authors about the books we all love and having people that get me and get my love for books.

What goals do you have for your blog this upcoming year?  
I want to try and review more books than I did last year and just keep growing. 

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